Sarah and Ben


Hi! We are Sarah, Ben and Trix. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

We are a loving couple of 15 years (and a 13+ dog) who live in Oregon. We have thoughtfully approached our decision to become parents through adoption, and we are so excited to start a family through open adoption.

We met in our early 20s when we lived in Washington, DC. A few years later we took a big leap, adopted our beloved dog Trix, and moved across the country. It ended up being one of the best decisions of our lives, as we are now happily settled into our new home in the Pacific Northwest with meaningful careers and a great circle of friends.

Sarah (as written by Ben) is the most energetic, hilarious person. She brings life to every relationship she enters, be it her work with local nonprofits, her friends, or our relationship at home. She will be such a good mom because she cares deeply about the people in her life. She is honest, empathetic, and will drop everything to help the people close to her.

Ben (as written by Sarah) is incredibly thoughtful, kind, and patient. No matter what’s going on, he has a very steady presence that makes people feel reassured that everything will be ok. I love how he is a curious person who always wants to learn new things. Ben already has the dad jokes ready to go, and he will be a patient, caring dad and a wonderful source of support for this child and our family.

Trix is a lazy old lady who has calmed down quite a bit from wilder puppy days but still likes to play.

Together, we love to travel, hike in the Pacific Northwest, watch scary movies and comedies, and spend time with our friends and family. We love cooking because we love to bring people together over food. Through our careers, we are active members in the community. Sarah’s work involves helping donors connect with good causes and nonprofits to support, which puts her in touch with many community groups. Ben works for the Oregon state government where he gets to participate in many aspects of Oregon’s public services.

We welcome the chance for a child to have more family who love them through the open adoption process. Expanding our concept of family is beautiful because all family relationships are complex. Sarah grew up in an Italian American family where many adults with different relationships were all considered family. We grew up in homes where extended family and friends were always part of our celebrations. We are excited to raise a child in an open, supportive family structure as we take on the responsibility of raising a kind, compassionate child. We have a warm, welcoming home with so much love and energy to share with a child, and our extended family and friends are also looking forward to embracing and supporting us.

We both prioritize family and look forward to being devoted parents who will always put our child first. Thank you for considering us.

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