Deepak and Keith



We are Deepak and Keith. We live in a comfortable, spacious and cozy two-story home in south Seattle with our two dogs Bruno and Noosa, and our cat Boo. We have a lot of love, laughter and playful puppy barks and meows in our home. We have always wanted to be parents, and we are ready to share our love and lives with a child and their birth family. Our home will be a loving, safe, and happy place for a child to find their footing in the world as they grow, and their birth family will be honored and welcome.

Adoption is familiar in our family. Deepak’s cousin is a birth mother in an open adoption, which has helped us to understand the mixed emotions inherently present, as well as how valuable it is for everyone involved to nurture healthy relationships and connections. We hope the family who chooses us to parent their child will feel genuinely valued, welcomed and a part of our family.

Deepak is the oldest of three children and many cousins in his big Punjabi family, and thus has lots of experience helping to raise kids. Growing up with immigrant parents in the Bay Area wasn’t always easy, but it shaped Deepak’s sense of identity, justice and drive to unapologetically be himself in the world. Both of Keith’s parents served in the Army when he was growing up, which meant he and his siblings learned to adapt to new homes and schools and to rely on their family unit. Keith served one tour in Afghanistan and had the opportunity to live in many different parts of the world throughout his life. He appreciates getting to know diverse people and ways of life as a result.

Love at first sight may not happen often, but it did for us! We literally stumbled into one another’s life as Deepak was chasing his cat Boo down the hall outside his apartment. Keith helped scoop the kitty up, and the rest is history, with a bit of gentle encouragement from a friend we shared in common. Together, we have navigated job changes, a cross-country move just before COVID, and complex family dynamics on both sides. We are opposites in many ways, yet perfect for each other: Keith is more adventurous and spontaneous, while Deepak does a mental risk assessment of each situation. We appreciate the qualities we each bring, as well as the balance we have found together.

We’re a simple family fulfilled by simple things. We’d love to raise our child with our handpicked traditions we grew up with family pizza nights (having fun making dough from scratch is the best part!), camping trips in the Pacific Northwest, exploring new trails with the pups, traveling the world and more while weaving in special traditions with their birth family. We can offer empathy, encouragement and acceptance to our child as they figure out their story and how they fit in this world. We also hold true to our family values of hard work, perseverance and compassion for all living things. Together with our child’s birth family, we hope to celebrate and support all parts of our child’s identity, including their racial and cultural roots, and nurture them to become the person they want to be.

Wishing you well,
Deepak and Keith

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