Meg and Corey


Hi, we’re Meg and Corey, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We are excited to grow our family through open adoption!

We’re fortunate to call Washington state home. We met as roommates in a shared house 10 years ago, and quickly connected through our mutual love of hiking, camping, and the outdoors. We enjoy exploring all of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Our relationship is built on a foundation of honesty, good communication, playfulness, and a sense of adventure. We appreciate getting to know people from all kinds of different places, and listening to their stories. We both love to learn and experience new things. We were married on the shores of Puget Sound in 2015 and soon after settled into our home and welcoming community in southwest Seattle. Together we enjoy spending time with our family and friends, entertaining in our beautiful backyard and sending our guests home with lots of leftovers. We look forward to someday including our future child and their birth family at our outdoor patio table.

Corey is happiest when he’s busy working on a new project. He’s always building and improving things in our home. He grew up in a small town in southern Colorado with an older brother. Corey is creative, generous, and silly, and has a great work ethic. He has volunteered with many arts organizations throughout his life, and continues to share his talents through photography, gardening, cooking, and woodworking. He very much enjoys his work in tech at a local outdoor retailer.

Meg is happiest when she’s reading outside in the sunshine. She also likes to bake, write letters, beat Corey at cribbage, and plan for future adventures. She grew up in the Seattle area in a big family with four younger siblings. Meg is patient, caring, fun-loving, and optimistic. She has a background in volunteering and working as a camp counselor, which is helpful as she navigates her job working with middle school students. After 14 years, she still enjoys her work as a middle school reading, writing, and history teacher because no two days are ever the same!

We have been looking forward to growing our family for quite some time, and were drawn to open adoption because of its inclusiveness and authenticity. We value honesty and good communication and hope to build our relationship with our child’s birth family on these things. We look forward to sharing our sense of adventure, love of learning, and curiosity with our child, helping them to become who they’re meant to be as an individual. Our hope is that our child grows up to be happy, compassionate, responsible, and knowing they are loved. We know that we’ll have lots of support from our families, our child’s birth family, our friends, and the community we build through open adoption.

We wish you all the best.
Love, Meg & Corey

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