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We give absolute equality to parenting, abortion and adoption. Our focus is on personal choice. Explore Pregnancy Options

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You have choices. We’ll support and empower you.

At Open Adoption & Family Services, we support pregnant women and couples in making decisions about their pregnancy optionsparenting, abortion, adoption – in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. We’re a pro-choice agency that welcomes diversity. Our fully open adoptions include ongoing visits and lifelong services.

A young woman who was empowered by her decision to seek Open Adoption services

My counselor was easy to speak with, comforting and caring.

— OA&FS Expectant Parent

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Are you pregnant or parenting? Or is your partner, or someone close to you, pregnant or parenting? When you talk to our counselors, you’ll find the understanding and support you’re seeking. Call any time, day or night, 1-800-772-1115.

We’re honored to offer our services to women and couples throughout the United States. If you live in Oregon or Washington and would like to meet in person we have offices in Portland and Eugene, Oregon and Seattle, Washington or we’ll come to you. We can also meet remotely via Google Hangout, Zoom, Facetime, or Skype. (OA&FS can place children in adoption up to the age of three and one-half.)

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A counselor can talk with you now. We’re available 24/7 to listen and provide you with a compassionate, non-judgmental space to talk about your thoughts and feelings. You’ll be treated with dignity and respect as you explore all of your options. Para Español 1-800-985-6763.

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    "The Power of Choice" empowers pregnant women and couples.

    Watch this video to see how Open Adoption & Family Services' unique, high-integrity approach values choice at every touch point. This creates lasting benefits for the birth parent, the child and the adoptive parents.

    Birth parents share their open adoption experiences.


    Sage  l  Angela  l  Melissa


    Read More of Taylor's Story

    Open Adoptee Brianna's quote - Open adoption is a great thing that not a lot of people know is even an option. It is a great way to give your child the life they deserve and still be a part of their life.

    Open adoptees speak out.

    The first open adoptees are now young adults. We’ve amplified their voices in these exclusive videos as they share how meaningful their open adoption experiences have been. They lead the way for new generations to thrive.

    Watch Their Stories Now

    15 reasons to choose Open Adoption & Family Services.

    Happy adoptive families, birth parents, and adoptees.
    • BECAUSE we give absolute equality to every pregnancy option: parenting, abortion and adoption. Our complete focus is on personal choice.

    • BECAUSE we provide a safe place for pregnant people to make their choice.

    • BECAUSE we do not practice coercion.

    • BECAUSE we have an empowerment approach grounded in dignity and respect.

    • BECAUSE of our high-quality services, parents who choose to plan an adoption will be best served through our agency

    • BECAUSE we facilitate high-integrity open adoptions in which the birth and adoptive parents form genuine relationships, much like extended family.

    • BECAUSE we welcome all belief systems and are not religiously affiliated.

    • BECAUSE we embrace a diversity of identities and lifestyles and have welcomed LGBTQ+ clients since our agency’s inception.

    • BECAUSE we provide the same information and messaging to expectant parents and adoptive parents.

    • BECAUSE we provide thorough counseling and relationship building support, our clients are empowered to make thoughtful and informed choices

    • BECAUSE we provide lifelong services for birth and adoptive families.

    • BECAUSE our counselors are highly qualified, experienced and compassionate. Many of whom have masters degrees in social work and counseling.

    • BECAUSE We cultivate a vibrant open adoption community for all adoption constellations members with events such as summer picnics, holiday parties, birth parent gatherings, annual birth mothers' retreat and online social media groups.

    • BECAUSE our services are shaped and endorsed by people with lived adoption experience. Birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees make up the majority of our Board of Directors.

    • BECAUSE we're founded on the philosophy of openness in adoption and work with prospective adoptive parents who share a commitment to this value.

    Meet Waiting Families "The parents I chose are such compassionate and accepting people."

    Our adoptive families want to build a genuine relationship with you.

    Chris and Kelly are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

    We dated in high school and went to Junior/Senior Banquet (prom) together but lost touch after high school. We reconnected years later were so excited to start dating again. We are each other’s soul mates and best friends. Read more …

    Ben and Erin are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

    As a team we work well; our core values align when it matters most to us. We both value speaking with kindness, listening, following through on promises (especially pinky promises), and keeping our home as a place of solace and comfort. Read more …

    Katie and Tiffany are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

    We chose to adopt because we want to become parents and we have a lot of love to give! Our promise to you is that this child will know unconditional love, not only from us, but from our friends and family as well. Read more …

    Corbin and Matthew are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

    As we have reflected on what family means to us, we realize we have found family in so many ways and in so many people. We value that open adoption offers everyone the opportunity to share the relationships and stories that form their family. Read more …

    View All Waiting Families