Polly and Jacob


Hello! We are Polly and Jacob. Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

We have been together for eight years, but have been friends for about 15. We live in a cozy brick house in western Washington, with a lot of family and friends nearby. We love having the house full of people, whether it be our siblings or parents for a meal, our friends and neighbors for a Halloween party, or our toddler niece for sleepovers. We strive for our home to be an inviting one, where all feel welcome. Since early in our relationship, we’ve talked about wanting to become parents together someday, and adoption is our first choice for building our family. Polly’s family has a history of adoption, and she became interested in it growing up as she saw her family expand in this way. When we started discussing how we would become parents, Jacob was also excited about building a family through open adoption. We hope to provide our child with a broad network of love and support, insights into their origins, and open access to their biological family.

Polly loves thinking of the perfect gift to give someone, making tasty and pretty desserts, and planning what she will plant in this summer’s vegetable garden. With a history as both a nanny and choir member, Polly has a song up her sleeve for every occasion, and finds herself singing throughout the day (no audience required). She has found much joy in becoming an official aunt to her niece, and an unofficial aunt to the many kids of cousins, friends, and past nannying families. She has a large, boisterous family that has been a source of fun and security.

Jacob is very active, and likes to stay busy playing rugby, working out, or going on bike rides. In his job as a carpenter he builds and remodels houses. Jacob is reserved, with a great sense of humor, and makes Polly laugh every day. He is a great trivia team member, and finds joy in learning about new things, no matter the subject. His small family is close-knit and full of warmth, and his family dog, Bailey, is always beside himself when Jacob arrives at their house.

Together, we have a full and laid-back life. We treat each other with respect and kindness, and have fun planning adventures for each other. We appreciate that lives are made up of the little things, and find small ways to celebrate those wherever we can. On a weekend night out, you might find us seeing a play or cheering for the Mariners. Both of us enjoy doing projects, whether it be Jacob taking an afternoon to do woodworking or bake bread, or Polly working on a quilt or rearranging the photos on the fridge.

We have many hopes and dreams for our future child: that they will feel safe and celebrated, and have a fun and rich childhood, and that they will be curious and happy. We will be open with them and foster a comfortable environment for them to discover who they are. We hope, too, that their birth family will always feel welcomed and included as part of our home and family, and we’re excited to grow new connections through open adoption.

Wishing you all the best in your journey, Polly and Jacob

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