At Open Adoption & Family Services we are pro-choice, welcome diversity, and offer fully open adoptions with lifelong services.

"The seminar was valuable in that it gave more insight on OA&FS and the philosophy it embodies. It also made us realize we had found the right place at the right time. It took away any fears." - OA&FS Seminar Attendee

"We came to OA&FS by word of mouth with great recommendations. The philosophy of openness and honesty is a value we embrace and choose to live by." - OA&FS Adoptive Parents

"By being able to actually meet birth parents and adoptive parents, it cemented the process and expectations for us. Understanding how the birth parents are counseled made us feel like the best interests of the child are paramount." - OA&FS Seminar Attendee

"Very good services, openly welcoming and affirming for gays and lesbians." - OA&FS Adoptive Parents

"I respect the philosophical perspective of OA&FS - the commitment to everyone involved in the process. I also appreciate the recognition of gay couples and single parents." - OA&FS Seminar Attendee

Families of Open Adoption & Family Services

About Open Adoption & Family Services.

We offer free, unbiased counseling to people as they consider each of their pregnancy options: parenting, abortion, or adoption. When their choice is parenting or abortion, we assist them in connecting to trusted resources and providers. When their choice is adoption, we facilitate fully open adoptions. We provide post-placement counseling to assist birth parents and adoptive families as they create healthy, long-term relationships that center the ongoing needs of the child. Founded in 1985, OA&FS is unique in its unflagging commitment to non-religious affiliation, personal choice, inclusion, and transparency. We are non-profit and licensed in Oregon and Washington, with offices in Portland, Seattle and Eugene.

Connect with us

If you're pregnant and would like to explore your options

Call, text or fill out our expectant parent contact form. Counselors are available between 7 am and 9 pm PT. If after 9 pm, a counselor will reach out the next day.

We provide a compassionate, nonjudgmental space for pregnant and parenting people to talk about their thoughts and feelings. We treat each person with dignity and respect as they explore their options.

If you're a prospective adoptive parent

Call or email Monday thru Friday, 9 am-5 pm PT. Or you can request information anytime by filling out our prospective adoptive parent contact form. We can answer your specific questions and also sign you up for our free Adoption Information Meeting or Pre-Adoption Seminar.

For all other inquiries email OA&FS.

Our office locations

OA&FS Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is led by birth parents alongside adult adoptees and adoptive parents. This means our services are shaped and endorsed by people with lived adoption experience.

An adoption counselor

Sage Carter, President, Open Adoption & Family Services Board of Directors.

  • President Sage Carter

    Birth Parent, Scheduler at Progressive Rehab Associates

  • Vice-President Garrett Garfield

    Birth Parent, Partner at Holland & Knight, LLP

  • Treasurer Steve Stegeman

    Adoptive Parent, CPA, Partner at Davis and Graves LLC

  • Secretary Lesli Johnson

    Adoptive Parent, VP Casualty Risk Control at CNA Insurance

  • Mark Spaur

    Adoptive Parent, VP at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

  • Nathan Faust

    Adoptee, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at Loyola Marymount University

  • Adam Carmel

    Adoptive Parent, Clinical Psychologist at University of WA at Harborview Medical Center

  • Heather Gingerich

    Adoptive Parent, Director of Initiative Partnerships at College Spark Washington

  • Jason Plowman

    Adoptive Parent, Shareholder/Employment Class & Collective Actions Co-Chair at Polsinelli PC

  • Kelly Groark

    Adoptive Parent, Director of Technical Accounting at Brooks Sports, Inc.

  • Suzie Williams

    Executive Director at OA&FS, Ex-Officio Board Member

Counselor Sari with OA&FS adoptee Emma and adoptive parents Kevin and Joe

Counselor Sari with OA&FS adoptee Emma and adoptive parents Kevin and Joe.

Meet our staff.

Dedicated, professional and hospitious.

We care deeply about the needs of the clients we serve. Our counselors embody all that hospitiousness celebrates -- working with clients in a way that gives them a sense of being completely welcomed, accepted and comfortable. They possess social services experience, advanced degrees and the ability to compassionately navigate a wide variety of situations. Our support staff enriches these efforts with specialized expertise in program management, client support, communications and financial services.


Management and Counseling Staff

Suzie Williams, MA, Executive Director

Suzie joined OA&FS in 1993. She gained perspective and a deep understanding of the complex issues faced by pregnant individuals and by families in the adoption constellation through years of working first as a Counselor and then as a Program Manager. Suzie became Executive Director in May 2021 and is proud to lead an organization committed to reproductive choice and best practices in open adoption. She appreciates that the agency is always evolving as we learn from the people we serve, including those living in open adoptions.

Suzie Williams - Counselor and Program Manager of Open Adoption and Family Services

Sari Prevost, MA, Counselor

Sari came to OA&FS in 2002, and loves how she is always challenged to be the best that she can be at her job. She is impressed and inspired by the families she works with that allow her to witness their transformation as they move through amazing journeys. Sari is honored to be a part of an agency that has great integrity and is truly a leader in fully open, respectful, hospitious adoptions.

Sari Prevost - Counselor of Open Adoption and Family Services

Wendy Coleman, MSW, Counselor

Wendy joined OAFS in 2022 after spending the first two decades of her career working with pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children where she provided support and positive options for young families. Wendy is honored to join the OA&FS team, continuing to build connections with expectant parents and forge relationships with adoptive parents as well. Wendy is drawn to the integrity of OA&FS and inspired by the transparency, mutual respect and shared love in the open adoption relationship, and the compassion and vulnerability participants bring to the process.

Wendy Coleman - Counselor of Open Adoption and Family Services

Haley Waggoner, MSW, Counselor

Haley joined the OA&FS staff in 2022. She brings more than a decade of experience working with children, families, and educators in a variety of settings, including as a caseworker for Oregon DHS. She is passionate about supporting healthy families and communities.

Lily Hankins - Counselor of Open Adoption and Family Services

Support Staff

Lori Maas, Client Services Manager

Lori has been at the support helm of OA&FS since 1999. She enjoys working closely with prospective adoptive parents as they explore their options and providing ongoing support to both clients and counseling staff throughout the adoption process.

Kristina Perkins, Bookkeeper

Kristina joined the OA&FS staff in 2022.

Arielle Fife-Klingler, Outreach Coordinator & Administrative Asst.

Arielle joined the OA&FS staff in 2023.


Management and Counseling Staff

Jan Jamieson, BA, Counselor

Jan began working at OA&FS in 2005. She loves her team of co-workers and having the opportunity through the work we do to support individuals and families faced with challenging decisions. Jan believes it is important to center adoptee voices, as well as the voices of others with lived adoption experience, in our work at OA&FS to guide our agency as we look ahead toward the future.

Adam Thomas, Operations Manager

Adam first joined the Eugene OA&FS team in 2016. He grew up in Oklahoma, but his love of the outdoors brought him to the great state of Oregon in 2014. He has a passion for helping others, and finds he does his best work through providing assistance to those in need. He enjoys volunteering his time at the sake of making someone's day better, and loves to share his knowledge and expertise when he sees an opportunity to jump in and help. He is passionate about open adoption, and the work OA&FS does not only with counseling and open adoption, but within the pro-choice community as a whole.

Irie Hoffman - Counselor of Open Adoption and Family Services Eugene


Management and Counseling Staff

Delphine Veith, LICSW, Program Manager

Delphine joined OA&FS as a counselor in 2015. She appreciates being part of people’s journeys at a pivotal time in their lives, and being able to witness the unfolding of new families and relationships over time through open adoptions. Delphine is proud of the progressive history of OA&FS, including providing full options counseling for expectant parents. She strives to support everyone in making informed and empowered decisions for themselves and for their children, and enjoys the diverse group of people she interacts with through this work.

Delphine Veith - Counselor of Open Adoption and Family Services Seattle

Leah Lusk, MA, LMHC, Counselor & Content Strategist

Leah joined OA&FS in 2021. Counseling is her second career after many years as an editor, and the common thread for her is helping people write their stories. She is honored to work in a facilitative role supporting and witnessing the establishment of lifelong connections that benefit children in open adoptions, and to use her expertise and experience to contribute to agency communications. She was drawn to OA&FS because of the organization’s commitment to transparency, openness, and continual teaching and learning.

Leah Lusk - Open Adoption and Family Services Seattle

Katie Raser, MSW, LMHC, Counselor

Katie joined the OA&FS staff in 2023.

Leah Lusk - Open Adoption and Family Services Seattle

Nicole Jevons, Outreach Coordinator & Administrative Asst.

Nicole is proud to continue their work in the reproductive justice field by joining OA&FS in 2023. Dedicated to improving the communities she has lived in, Nicole has worked on local, state, and national campaigns, in DEI services, and at a Planned Parenthood health clinic. They are eager to connect the vast offerings of OA&FS to local service organizations as they know change can only happen when we all work together. They are honored to be part of a compassionate team who values transparency, vulnerability, and respect.

Leah Lusk - Open Adoption and Family Services Seattle

Our expertise: open adoption and reproductive choices.


Media Inquiries

Interested in writing a story about Open Adoption & Family Services? Need a source for open adoption or reproductive choices information? You've come to the right place. Contact our Communications Director Sally Shuey, 503-226-4870, She'll be happy to make connections for you.



Because of our agency's decades of experience, we often give presentations to groups both locally and nationally. For these we draw from materials developed by OA&FS as well as other subject matter experts. If you'd like to schedule OA&FS to speak at your organization, please contact us.

OA&FS in the media.

Publications with first hand experience.

Read our annual reports below for stories, insights and continuing education.

OA&FS Annual Reports

Attachment and Adoption

Books and Publications:



Children’s Books

Books and Publications:

Open Adoption


Books and Publications:


Origins Therapy


  • Donor Conception Network. A site that welcomes couples and individuals – heterosexual, lesbian, gay, single, married, divorced or cohabiting – who are facing issues about donor conception at any stage, and would like to hear the experiences of those of us who have been there before. (UK-based.)
  • Donor Sibling Registry. A registry that offers an opportunity for donor conceived people (children and adults) to make connections with half siblings and donors by mutual consent of all parties.
  • What is Assisted Reproductive Technology?  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention formal definitions of ART.

Books and Publications:

  • Building Your Family with Assisted Reproduction.  by Elizabeth Larsen for Adoptive Families Magazine. A look at choices American families are making as infertility treatment technology advances.
  • X, Y, and Me. this website carries a series of children’s books to assist parents in disclosing their conception by assisted reproduction and donor. They believe that every child has the right to know of his/her circumstances and their special story that occurred before they were born.

Parenting the Adopted Child


Books and Publications:


Parenting and Discipline Strategies


  • Hand in Hand Parenting has classes, resources and support for parents of young children and professionals who work with them.
  • Healthy Children created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, this website covers topics such as physical and emotional health, child development, car-seat safety, immunizations, general safety tips and injury prevention, literature recommendations, and links to other resources.
  • Zero to Three promotes the health and development of infants and toddlers.


Books and Publications:

Pregnancy Options


  • Abortion Care Network. Organization that has a list of reputable clinics and offers guidance with choosing a provider, acquiring financial support and more.”


  • All-Options. Toll-free talk line provides unconditional and judgment-free support for the full spectrum of decisions, feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, adoption and abortion.
  • Birthmom Buds. Support for birthmoms and pregnant women considering adoption.

Books and Publications:

Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure


  • March of Dimes. Fact sheets on the effects of prenatal exposure to tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroine, and prescription opiods.
  • Mother to Baby. A service of the non-profit Organization of Teratology Information Specialists. They provide evidence-based information on prenatal drug exposure via fact sheets and access to experts.

Books and Publications:



  • Babies First! Is a state-wide nurse home visiting program for families in Oregon with babies and children up to age five. Nurses provide parents with information on home safety, child development, healthy practices, relationship-building, and help with breastfeeding.
  • CaCoon is a state-wide program and operates in most counties. It's for children with a disability or a chronic health condition.
  • Center for Adoption Medicine, University of Washington Medical Center. Information and articles on prenatal drug/alcohol exposure, various medical issues, parenting and attachment tips.Doctors specializing in adoption medicine are available for phone consultation, as well as pre-adoption and post-adoption clinic appointments.
  • Child Development and Rehabilitation Center. With locations in Portland and Eugene, the center provides comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation, and management of various conditions including developmental delay, speech and language disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and orthopedic impairments. CDRC serves individuals birth to 21 years of age. A primary care physician referral is necessary.
  • Early Childhood Cares. Developmental screening, early intervention and early childhood special education to children (birth to school age) who have developmental delays. Educational services may include home visits and parent consultation; education in community preschools; speech, physical or occupational therapy; behavior or autism consultation.  All educational services are free to eligible children.
  • Early Intervention. Useful links and directory of early intervention services for the state of Oregon.
  • WA State Dept. of Children, Youth & Families . Guide to early intervention services offered in Washington.
  • Pediatric Interim Care Center, (PICC)  This center located in Kent, WA cares for drug exposed infants that are in the custody of the state. Founder Barb Drennen works closely with pediatricians at University of Washington in caring for these premature newborns. She's happy to talk to prospective adoptive parents considering adopting a drug exposed infant. Rather than cite research, Barb can share her knowledge that is based on her experience and what she has witnessed. Both Barb and the PICC website have information on how to care for an infant exposed to drugs, as well as what symptoms you can expect to see. She can give hands-on instruction or consult over the phone, 253-852-5253.
  • University of Washington’s Fetal Alcohol and Drug Unit. An information specialist can provide information on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, potential effects of prenatal alcohol exposure and parenting interventions for those raising a child affected by prenatal alcohol exposure.
  • Washington State Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic and Prevention Network, (FAS DPN). This organization is a network of four Washington State community-based interdisciplinary FASD diagnostic clinics linked by the core clinical/research/training clinic at the Center on Human Development and Disability at the University of Washington in Seattle. Any parent who adopts a child with documented prenatal alcohol exposure is strongly encouraged to contact the clinic and explore and learn more about the diagnostic process and the importance of early intervention. We recommend reviewing this site prior to your adoption.


Special Needs and Mental Health Issues

(See also Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure for other special needs resources.)



Transracial Adoption, Race and Multi-Racial Issues

Online Courses:

  • Adoption Learning Partners offers several compelling and informative online courses and webinars for adoptive parents considering transracial adoption, or for those who have adopted transracially. Some of these include: Adopted: The Identity Project, Raising Black Boys, Raising Black Girls, Color of Education, and Perspectives on Transracial Adoption, and Conspicuous Families.


  • MAVIN is a national non-profit organization that builds healthier communities by providing educational resources about Mixed Heritage experiences.
  • The Adopted Life
  • is a website dedicated to raising race-conscious kids.


  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) is a grassroots organization that helps empower Asian and Pacific Islanders through a variety of programs that focus on community organization, cultural work, political advocacy, and leadership development.
  • El Centro Milagro (Miracle Theatre)  provides Latino theatre, culture, and arts education for the enrichment of all communities.
  • Hacienda Community Development Corporation is a Latino Community Development Corporation that strengthens families by providing affordable housing, homeownership support, economic advancement and educational opportunities.
  • Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) offers a wide array of programs and services to foster understanding, compassion and communication between Oregon's established communities and newest arrivals.
  • IRCO Africa House provides culturally specific services to African refugees and families that emphasize family unity, strength, and community cohesiveness.
  • IRCO Asian Family Center provides culturally specific services for Asian and Pacific Islander communities that focus on early childhood development, parent education and support, youth services, and health education programs.
  • KairosPDX is a non-profit organization that focuses on delivering excellent, equitable education to underserved children, their families and their communities.
  • Latino Network is a Latino-led education organization, grounded in culturally specific practices and services that lifts up youth and families to reach their full potential.
  • MAVIN Foundation is a national non-profit organization that builds healthier communities by providing educational resources about Mixed Heritage experiences.
  • Native Youth and Family Center (NAYA Family Center) provides culturally specific programs and services that guide Native youth and families in the direction of personal success and balance through cultural empowerment.
  • Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF)  is a movement of African American leaders and officials that are committed to the revitalization and sustainability of a vibrant African American community.
  • Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives (PCRI) offers resident services that give families culturally specific skills and support necessary to achieve self-sufficiency, begin the process of wealth creation and, in many cases, become–and remain–successful homeowners.
  • Self-Enhancement Inc. (SEI) is a non-profit organization that helps youth and families, especially African Americans and others living in poverty, to realize their full potential through learning opportunities in the areas of academics, health and wellness, and performing arts.
  • Unite Oregon represents the merger of two organizations – Center for Intercultural Organizing (CIO) and Oregon Action (OA) –  to address racial and economic disparities and strive to improve quality of life by offering programs within the community that focus on civic engagement, policy advocacy, leadership development, and community organization.
  • Urban League of Portland (ULPDX) offers a variety of programs that help empower African Americans and others within the community through advocacy, services to seniors, family health and wellness, youth and workforce development.


  • Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington (AAAW) is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring, fellowship and educational opportunities for Asian American and Pacific Islander adoptees and their community.
  • El Centro de la Raza provides a unique blend of bilingual and multicultural services and programs that focus on children and youth, education and asset building, community building and development, and environmental justice.
  • Families of Color Seattle (FOCS) is a non-profit organization that strives to build a strong community by supporting families of color through parenting programs, resource-sharing and fostering meaningful connections.
  • Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington is an organization that is committed to sharing Japanese and Japanese American culture and heritage by creating, funding, and supporting multicultural and inter-generational education that celebrate diversity, art, culture, and language.
  • Seattle University: Office of Diversity and Inclusion consistently holds cultural events for students and community members to attend.
  • United Indians of All Tribes provides educational, cultural and social services that reconnect indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people.
  • Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle is a non-profit organization that empowers African Americans and underserved communities to thrive by securing educational and economic opportunities.


Books and Publications: