Kevin and Megan


Hello. We are Kevin and Megan. We met during our first semester of college, so not quite high school sweethearts, but close. The saying is that fools rush in, and many people thought that was us, but we’ve been happily married for over 20 years. The foundation of our relationship is built on mutual support, respect, and trust.

Megan is attracted to Kevin’s patience, intelligence, and humility. He is a great listener and takes the time to explain things that are difficult to understand. She appreciates his sense of humor and knows he’s already got a whole bank of dad jokes. Megan describes Kevin as dependable and passionate about helping others.

Kevin loves that Megan still manages to find wonder in the world around her. He loves how she incorporates her creative spirit and passion for equity into teaching and creating a welcoming home. He appreciates her unwavering support while he works towards his personal goals and enjoys exploring the world together.

Megan went to school to be a graphic designer but changed careers a few years ago and is now an elementary school teacher. It is a challenging job that is fulfilling and helps her serve her community–plus, kids can be silly and fun to be around. Outside the classroom, she enjoys watching movies, reading, people-watching, kayaking, decorating, and organizing.

Kevin works for a university as an economist on a team of scientists working towards creating resilience to coastal hazards. He takes great pride in helping coastal communities understand their economies and assists with economic development problems. When he’s not at work, he enjoys watching movies, playing games on the computer, hiking, kayaking, and traveling.

We grew up in Idaho but have been happy to call the PNW home for close to 10 years. We appreciate the greenery, access to incredible beaches, and all that Seattle and Portland have to offer. We frequently venture out to experience this amazing place

We live on a cul-de-sac in a mixed-income, suburban neighborhood close to downtown amenities and public transportation. We BBQ with neighbors and have game nights with our friends just up the street. Kevin loves to work in the yard, which is landscaped as a certified wildlife habitat. We also love transforming our house into a haunted graveyard for Halloween and a magical winter light extravaganza for Christmas.

Open adoption appeals to us as we both knew families with closed adoptions in the past and know how hard it can be not to know where you come from or have any connections to your birth family. We want our child to connect strongly to all parts of who they are. Our hopes for our child are that they feel secure in themselves as a person, know their incredible potential, and are happy. We are ready and excited to expand our family.