Our adoptive families want to build a genuine relationship with you.

"Everyone at OA&FS has been very sensitive and understanding during this difficult time. I love the adoptive parents I chose more than I ever could have imagined. I'm glad they are together (with my child) and that I am a part of their lives. The openness is invaluable to me." - OA&FS Birthparent

"This agency came through like none of us would have imagined. My baby was very fortunate to be placed in such good hands with such a great family." - OA&FS Birthparent

Meet waiting adoptive families.

Dawn and Troy are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

We envision a beautiful life with our child and our child’s birth family, which includes compassion, patience, and love. Read more …

Robin are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

I’m an optimistic person who looks for the good in other people. I have a strong desire to contribute something positive to the world, Read more …

David and Julie are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

You won’t find us in a hotel, but in a campground finding ways to make breaded and stuffed chicken, potatoes, and cookies over the campfire. Read more …

Heather and Rob are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

If it involves food, fun, culture, and adventure, we’ll find it. We love a good festival (even a not so good festival is still worth a shot) Read more …

Peter and Lee-Anne are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

We are unashamed geeks. We are passionate about science, the arts, history, and culture. Lee-Anne is a librarian, and Peter works in educational technology. Both of our careers allow us to help others, which is important to us. Read more …

Amy and Raymond are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

Open adoption is important to us because it supports a meaningful relationship between the child, their birth family, and us. Read more …


OA&FS families value openness.

Our waiting adoptive families have chosen to work with us because they genuinely value openness in adoption and want a lifelong relationship with you. Birthparents may choose from 65 to 85 families seeking an open adoption through OA&FS. When you call us, we’ll send you a booklet of family introduction letters.

You may also request the full family profile for families that you’d like to learn more about. Because we and our families respect your need to know as much as possible about the adoptive families you are considering.

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What’s in a family profile?

Official Homestudy Report

This 12-17 page document includes detailed information about the family’s home and neighborhood; careers; relationship with each other and family/friends; parenting philosophies and values.

Detailed Family Book

This autobiographical photo book is written by the prospective adoptive parents and gives birthparents a glimpse into their lives. It covers topics such as their childhoods and what they learned from them, family traditions and hopes and dreams for their open adoption relationship.

Find adoptive families with a welcoming heart.

Ask yourself these questions to help identify the areas that are most important to you when choosing a family.

At OA&FS, openness means having a meaningful, face-to-face, lifelong, extended family relationship.

Choosing a family to parent your child is a huge decision. There’s so much to consider. In addition to learning about prospective adoptive parents’ jobs, hobbies, and lifestyle, we encourage you to pay close attention to their values, relationships, communication style and overall vision for their long-term relationship with you, the birthparents.

Digging deeper will provide insights that are invaluable in creating an ongoing relationship. We’ve discovered that what most birthparents hope to find is adoptive parents with a ‘welcoming heart’.