Our adoptive families want to build a genuine relationship with you.

"Everyone at OA&FS has been very sensitive and understanding during this difficult time. I love the adoptive parents I chose more than I ever could have imagined. I'm glad they are together (with my child) and that I am a part of their lives. The openness is invaluable to me." - OA&FS Birth Parent

"This agency came through like none of us would have imagined. My baby was very fortunate to be placed in such good hands with such a great family." - OA&FS Birth Parent

Meet waiting adoptive families.

Elizabeth and Aaron are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

For us, a bigger table is a happier table. We look forward to welcoming our child’s birth family to our home and table as well. Read more …

Corbin and Matthew are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

As we have reflected on what family means to us, we realize we have found family in so many ways and in so many people. We value that open adoption offers everyone the opportunity to share the relationships and stories that form their family. Read more …

Angeline and Leah are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

We are looking for connection, love and a path to building our family that benefits everyone. Our home and our hearts always have an open door – to our neighbors, friends, and family. Read more …

Meghan and Ricardo are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

We offer a home full of love, joy, understanding and continual growth. We want to learn and grow as a family. We are partners, with you, in this unexpected and life-changing journey. Read more …

Ryan and Chantal are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

We are excited to bring a child into our lives through open adoption, expanding and enriching our connections all the more as we involve birthparents in our life. Read more …

Sechin and Katie are one of many OAFS families seeking to adopt a child.

We met at a Halloween party more than 20 years ago, where it was love at first sight. There is nothing more important to us than sharing the big events in life with those closest to us. Read more …


OA&FS families value openness.

Our waiting adoptive families have chosen to work with us because they genuinely value openness in adoption and want a lifelong relationship with you. Birth parents may choose from a large pool of waiting families with a diversity of identities and lifestyles who are seeking an open adoption through OA&FS. When you call us, we’ll send you a booklet of family introduction letters.

You may also request the full family profile for families that you’d like to learn more about. Because we and our families respect your need to know as much as possible about the adoptive families you are considering.

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What’s in a family profile?

Official Homestudy Report

This 12-17 page document includes detailed information about the family’s home and neighborhood; careers; relationship with each other and family/friends; parenting philosophies and values.

Detailed Family Book

This autobiographical photo book is written by the prospective adoptive parents and gives birth parents a glimpse into their lives. It covers topics such as their childhoods and what they learned from them, family traditions and hopes and dreams for their open adoption relationship.

Find adoptive families with a welcoming heart.

Ask yourself these questions to help identify the areas that are most important to you when choosing a family.

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In addition to learning about prospective adoptive parents’ jobs, interests and lifestyle we encourage you to consider your values, communication style and overall vision for your open adoption relationship. This downloadable form provides questions to ask yourself when you’re considering choosing a family. Each open adoption relationship is unique and we’ll support you in discovering what’s important to you.