Stephanie and Blake


We are Stephanie & Blake. We met in kindergarten, growing up five miles apart near a small town in Southern Oregon. While we went through school together, we didn’t start to date until we both attended the same university. We got married in our hometown in 2010 and moved to the mid-Willamette Valley a year later. Blake works as an engineering project manager for a production company, while Stephanie is an accounting manager at a nearby university. We live near the local church we attend and enjoy the community.

Blake is a tenacious problem solver. He loves to debate. He focuses intensely as he learns a new skill, whether beekeeping, brewing kombucha, or cabinet making, until he’s read books, browsed websites, and watched videos to master it. Blake loves his “big tent” family, those related by blood or by choice. He enjoys getting outside in the summer and working in his shop year round. In the evenings, Blake loves to snuggle with our labradoodle dogs Harley and Bernadette and watch comedies to wind down.

Stephanie is kind, patient, and the planner of the family. An introvert, she is quiet when first meeting people or in large groups, but later her dry humor and random movie quotes come in strong. She and her sister have seen NEEDTOBREATHE in concert five times. Stephanie enjoys traveling, near or far (she has been to ten countries). She enjoys hanging out with friends, eating gluten free local take out, and playing board games. While Blake is in the shop, she is usually cuddled up with a cup of herbal tea and a good book.

Blake’s two brothers and their families live in the same town, while Stephanie’s parents and sister are a half hour away. We enjoy family dinners, particularly BBQs in the summer. Blake’s dad lives in our hometown and visits often. We also love to visit with our extended families living around Oregon, which include many young extended cousins.

After our own health and infertility struggles and the loss of Blake’s mom to ovarian cancer, we turned to a local open adoption. We are so thankful to be a waiting family for an open adoption, knowing that our child will know their birth story as they grow up and have connections with their birthfamily. Having this relationship built on mutual love and respect is important as we build a “big tent” family. As first time parents, we are looking forward to raising a child in a home full of love and Jesus, connected with a birthfamily, and working to create a better future.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.

With gratitude,

Blake & Stephanie

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