David and Jesse



We’re David and Jesse – a pair of sweet, would-be dads living in Seattle, with a rascally dog named Alvin along for the adventure. Thanks for reading a little about us.

We like to say we’re a Match.com success story! We met online in 2010, and hit it off in person on a dark and stormy night in a mostly-empty dive bar. We immediately clicked talking with each other and knew we shared the same core values about family, life, work, and joy. David adored how Jesse lit up at stupid jokes, but was so committed to hard work and giving back to the community. Jesse adored how David has an incredibly sharp wit, with an undercurrent of profound sweetness. Today, we share many hobbies, but our favorite by far is still going out to dinner and talking the night away.

Jesse is a doctor who grew up in Minnesota, with his parents, older brother, and a gaggle of boisterous uncles, aunts, and cousins. He attended medical school and became a psychiatrist because he enjoys helping people facing medical challenges get back on their feet. His move to Seattle in 2009 for residency was his “Grey’s Anatomy” moment after being a fan of the show, and he’s never left. Jesse enjoys tackling home-improvement projects on our craftsman house in a family-friendly Seattle neighborhood, planning travel adventures, and taking runs in new parks around the city.

David is an attorney and a Seattle native. His parents, sisters, and extended family are scattered throughout the area. He works at a tech company for dog and cat lovers, with a mission of helping everyone be able to experience the love of a pet. When he’s not being a “dog lawyer,” David enjoys gardening with a coffee in hand, reading books, and trying out new recipes.

Family has always been a wonderful part of our lives. We were both lucky to grow up with loving parents who valued education and hard work, fostered our curiosity about the world around us, and encouraged us in our dreams and exploring new hobbies, sports, culture, and art. We have so many fond memories of holiday traditions, birthdays, family vacations, and everyday life around the dinner table. It’s been a joy to be uncles to our nieces and nephews and to imagine how our own family might grow.

We’re excited and humbled by the opportunity to become parents. We’re committed to raising a happy and healthy child who knows they have a family that loves and supports them. Open adoption is important to us because it builds a foundation of trust and welcomes more people into a child’s life to provide more love and support. We want to honor our child’s bond with their birth family, and for all of us to build lifelong relationships. We hope to create a welcoming family community for our child, with members of their birth family and adoptive family, and a life of possibilities.

Thank you for reading our materials and considering us.

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