Chris and Kelly


We are Chris and Kelly. We live in Washington State in a beautiful city north of Seattle. Chris grew up in Shoreline and Kelly grew up in Seattle. We went to school together from preschool through our senior year of high school. Kelly’s parents’ both taught at that school. We dated in high school and went to Junior/Senior Banquet (prom) together but lost touch after high school. We reconnected years later when Kelly’s brother wandered into a store where Chris worked. We were so excited to start dating again. We got together for coffee at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble bookstore and a Mariner’s game. We dated for a year and a half and then we got engaged and almost a year later, we were married. We have a solid foundation of knowledge regarding how to nurture, love and care for a child. We have gained valuable experience by spending time with our nieces and nephews, with our godsons, and (for Kelly) with the preschool children she teaches on a daily basis.

We are so great together. We complement each other so well and we are each other’s soul mates and best friends. Kelly appreciates Chris’s sense of humor, his love for his family and animals, and his patience working in IT support. Chris appreciates Kelly’s love for children and her patience working as a teacher and her willingness to try new things and play video games with him.

Chris works in IT Support and he loves to help people with their computer issues and to teach people how to make better use of their technology. He volunteers to film and edit our local chamber of commerce monthly video. He enjoys hiking and camping along with playing games.

Kelly works in the field of Early Childhood Education and she has been a teacher for seventeen years. Kelly is a music lover and took piano lessons for many years and she loves to sing. Kelly shares Chris’ love for the outdoors and enjoys camping and hiking. Kelly also enjoys reading, watching TV and movies and playing board games/card games.

We live in a great community with lots of parks, a library, schools and stores. We often take our dog for a walk to the park or around the library. Our dog Hannah and our cat Mochi are gentle and great with kids. Hannah gets to spend time with our nieces and nephews on the 4th of July and everyone enjoys having her there! Mochi likes to relax in his basket. They both love to curl up and snooze. They are such a great addition to our family and we are blessed. There are a lot of different activities going on in our community that we enjoy going to. In the summer there is live outdoor music and movies that we attend with our family and friends. Our close friends have two boys, who are our godsons, and we enjoy taking them to the outdoor community events and spending time together.

We are close with our family and friends and they are important to us. We regularly attend church in the greater Seattle area and our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is especially important to us. It is a central part of who we are. We have two godsons and seven nieces and nephews, and we enjoy spending time with them whenever possible. We already enjoy family friendly activities-such as board games, card games, going to the movies, perusing the local library, and spending time at the local parks-and we cannot wait to invite our child into these pastimes.

We live in a safe, loving and nurturing environment and we have a ton of love to give. We also look forward to the possibility of having an open, sincere and honest relationship with our child’s birth parents. The frequent and honest communication aspect of open adoption really appeals to us. Communication with our child’s birth parents could take place in a variety of manners including the exchange of pictures and letters, phone calls, or face-to-face contact. Zoom is also great! Building an organic relationship where everyone feels respected, included and welcomed is important to us. We look forward to welcoming our child’s birth family to events at their school. We envision attending local events together, such as the holiday lighting festivities, parades and outdoor movies in the park in the summer.

We have a deep and united love for each other, for our family and friends, and for our community at large. We are excited to provide a safe and stable home environment and to become a consistent voice of love and encouragement to a child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better,
Chris & Kelly

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