Chad and Ashlyn



We are Chad and Ashlyn. We live in Tigard, Oregon with our daughter Jean. We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand our family and share our home and hearts with you.

We are both from Northern California and met while attending college in Reno, Nevada. We soon came to realize that we grew up about 30 minutes apart from one another, and actually had mutual friends in common. Our hometown connections went even deeper when we learned that Ashlyn’s grandparents were practically neighbors with Chad’s family! Once in college, Chad was living in the dorms with Ashlyn’s brother. They would frequently raid Ashlyn’s refrigerator when they were sick of the cafeteria food. The following year we all became roommates and it didn’t take long for the friendship to expand to attraction. Three years later we started dating and have now been together since 2009.

After college Chad moved to Oregon for a job while Ashlyn stayed behind in Reno to finish up with her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. She followed him to Oregon a few months later. Feeling like we wanted to put down roots in Oregon, we purchased our first home. Shortly after buying our home we were married in 2016. In 2020 we adopted Jean through an open adoption. She is truly a miracle and we are honored to be her parents. In 2021 we moved to a bigger home in hopes of further expanding our family!

We both are outgoing and athletic people. We like hanging out in the sun, playing coed soccer, camping anywhere near water and trees, going to the zoo, family walks, hiking, all water activities (especially when a boat is involved), and anything we can do as a family. We also really like to cook. Chad is the better cook so he takes the lead smoking all sorts of things on the Traeger Grill. Ashlyn is always close by cleaning everything before he is even done with it. Chad is also a sports fanatic and follows most sports as well as plays them. He spends his lunch breaks in the gym or playing pick up games of rugby or soccer. When he is not playing sports, he is spending time with his close-knit group of friends. Chad is always the last one to leave a party and never goes anywhere without seeing a familiar face. Ashlyn loves Pilates and would go to a class every day if she could! When she’s not at Pilates she is out with friends or on an adventure with Jean. Jean never leaves her side and Ashlyn’s friends and family have learned that they are a package deal.

When Jean came into our lives, Ashlyn decided to stay at home as a full-time parent. She still finds time to teach Pilates on the side! Chad works in global supply chain for a large sports manufacturing company. Jean attends preschool for 12 hours a week as well as fun activities like swimming and the zoo.

We cannot wait to grow our family through another open adoption. Family is very important to us, in fact so important that Chad actually works for the same company as his entire family. We are thrilled to have a relationship with our child and our child’s birth family. We believe that all children deserve to have an entire community of people who love them. Thank you for considering us.

Chad, Ashlyn, Jean

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