KC and Maggie


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read our letter!

We are KC and Maggie. We both grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina and lived throughout North Carolina before Maggie’s job brought us to Washington in 2018. We knew this was where we wanted to stay and we settled in a small town outside of Seattle, along with our two pups Walter and Ellie.

We were introduced by a mutual friend at a community dance in Asheville during college. We immediately hit it off and were drawn to each other’s love for learning, adventure, and the outdoors as well as a shared desire to make a positive impact on the world. Maggie was attracted to KC’s goofy sense of humor and compassion for others. KC was attracted to Maggie’s zeal for life and determination. We fell in love quickly and what can we say, we knew it was right! We were married a couple years later in 2008. We are both engineers; Maggie is an environmental engineer, and KC works in the solar industry. We both believe deeply in the positive impact of our careers on the environment and enjoy flexible work schedules that allow us the ability to travel to new places and spend lots of time with family and friends.

We both love anything that gives us time outside, from gardening to mountain biking, and are always up for an adventure. Our love for travel has taken us on many road trips across the country and around the world. We have had many adventures together and are looking forward to the new adventure of parenting and introducing our child to all the experiences we have been able to enjoy. You are most likely to find Maggie spending some time outside with the dogs, reading a good novel, and with a yummy cooking project planned. She loves to provide for those around her, and what better way than a home-cooked meal or cookies. You are most likely to find KC scheming where to build a rock-climbing wall at our house, diving into a house project, rock climbing, and ready to eat Maggie’s cooking.

We have spent the past couple of years remodeling our home and tackling just about every home renovation project together. We have enjoyed creating a home that is uniquely us and building space for our hopefully growing family.

We are close to our families, and they have seen us grow up together over the past 16 years. We enjoy spending time with our three nephews and two godsons and prioritize getting to see them throughout the year. Maggie’s family is in eastern Idaho, and we visit them a few times a year and they love to visit us. KC’s family is in Western North Carolina, and we travel there frequently to spend time with family and our friends who are like family.

Adoption has always been our first choice to grow our family, and we look forward to expanding our family! We believe wholeheartedly that open adoption provides the greatest opportunities for adoptive children to maintain their connections to birth families and have the most support throughout their life so that they know how deeply they are loved and have the support to dream BIG and chase their dreams throughout their lives. We want to build a relationship with the birth family and ensure they know their importance in our lives, and we look forward to building new traditions along the way.