Ben and Robin


Hello! We’re Robin and Ben,

We grew up in the same small town in Washington, but it wasn’t until 2017 that we went on our first date. Not long after that we began making plans together. We bought a house, navigated a wedding during the 2020 pandemic and now we hope to grow our family through open adoption.

Our hopes for the relationship with our child’s birth family include honest, easy communication between everyone and an understanding that questions are encouraged and that we will support our child’s curiosity. We want to raise a child secure in the feelings of love and support from all family.

Our home is in a tree filled rural suburb of Seattle, where neighbors are often out walking dogs and enjoying their garden. Our dogs, Cooper and Lucy, enjoy napping on the sunny back deck and exploring the large, fenced yard. There are plenty of parks and bike trails, family friendly coffee shops, a great bookstore and well-regarded public schools a short drive away. Together we enjoy working on house projects, hiking, biking, puzzles, photography, movies and audiobooks. We spend much of our free time with family at our cabin on the Long Beach Peninsula. Both of us have family nearby who are excited to be involved with our child and build a relationship with our child’s birth family.

Ben grew up the oldest of five (three through adoption) on a small island near Seattle. Shortly after high school he completed a two-year culinary program and while he loves to cook, it wasn’t the career he wanted and went back to college. When Ben learned a degree in psychology would allow him to make things that interested him better (video games, gadgets, etc.), he was hooked and has been doing that ever since. Ben raised a daughter (now adult) so he’s aware of the many challenges that come with parenting and that along with those challenges come many more celebrations. He is proud to witness his daughter building a life she wants every day.

Robin grew up building forts, riding bikes and going to the movies with her three sisters. A long career in photojournalism continues to be a great fit for her love of learning, asking questions, meeting people and creativity. Robin looks for opportunities to explore the Pacific Northwest as well as international travel. She feels recharged after hiking in the mountains, working in the garden and spending time with the dogs.

We are excited to support our child in pursuit of their goals and dreams. We hope to build a strong and lasting relationship with our child’s birth family and look forward to sharing all the joys that come with being family.

Robin and Ben

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