Elsa and Linden


Hi! We are Elsa and Linden. We are a fun and adventurous couple looking to start our next adventure of welcoming a child and their birth family into our lives. We first bonded in college over a shared birthday, and later reconnected in our now-home of Seattle on weekend excursions. After 10 years of exploring, and plenty of shared Snickers, we tied the knot on a windswept hillside in 2014. We still love scrambling up remote summits and lounging by alpine lakes, but also have found happiness closer to home tending our garden, baking pies, and paddle boarding from the local beach.

Elsa is strong, charismatic, and empathetic – characteristics that suit her job as an elementary school teacher. She has now taught many of the kids on our block and has fun swapping math problems for candy when the trick-or-treaters come knocking. She most enjoys time spent on local trails. In her down time, she loves scrounging through shelves of the local bookstore for just one more WWII-era historical fiction saga, cooking massive stir fries that explode out of the wok, and experimenting with new pie recipes.

Linden is curious, patient, and persistent. He works as a product design engineer and enjoys using his engineering skills to improve the experience of those around the world and close to home, whether it’s providing access to clean drinking water or fixing a leaky faucet. He recharges with time outdoors, typically skiing and mountain biking, and also relaxes by reading, birding, and playing the banjo.

Our 3-bedroom home is the ideal place to host friends and family, and raise a child. The front porch is perfect for reading books, and the backyard has a productive garden and space to play. We bought our home because of the friendly neighbors and quiet back alley where the kids play. Our house is close to downtown yet within walking distance of the beach and a large public park.

Family is so important to us. We both are strongly connected to our families and make frequent trips to see one another in person. Linden’s brother’s family lives close by and, as ‘Auntie Elsa and Uncle Lindy’, we are always scheming fun trips with our niece and nephew. We also have our ‘West Coast family’ – dear friends we feast with on Thanksgiving and share in life’s experiences throughout the year.

Although we love this life we have created, we have yearned to experience the joy of parenting a little one together. We are excited to share the wonders of the world with our child and enrich our own lives in the process. We look forward to guiding our future child to become a compassionate yet confident contributor to their community.

Open adoption appeals to us because of the value we hold in family. We believe that our child’s life will be enriched by everyone who contributes to their upbringing, and look forward to welcoming not just a child, but their birth parents and extended family. It’s important that our child knows their story and is proud of the many individuals who give them life, love, and happiness.
Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit more about us. We wish you all the best in this journey.

Elsa & Linden

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