Roderick and Bridget


Hello, we are Roderick and Bridget.

We have been a team for more than a decade and look forward to growing our family through open adoption. The pillars of our relationship are love, laughter, and friendship. Roderick’s easy-going personality complements Bridget’s strong-mindedness. We live with our feisty cat, Izzy, south of Seattle, Washington.

Being together for so long, we have had to adapt to multiple lifestyle changes: college life to actual adulthood; city living to owning a house in the suburbs; and changing our daily diets due to Bridget’s recent gluten allergy. Each lifestyle change had its own struggles, but also brought us closer to each other, and we are excited to become parents together.

Bridget is an avid reader and grew up singing along to musicals (mostly Disney) when not buried in a book. Roderick grew up working with his hands: farming; drawing; and revving engines. Even though we grew up in different environments (Bridget suburban, Roderick rural) in Washington, we were raised on the same values of honesty, respect, compassion, and the importance of education. We view each other as equal partners and make a habit of sharing household duties.

We love our mid-century modern home and take pride in doing house projects ourselves. Roderick handles most of the heavy lifting, while Bridget assists and adds the final touches. Roderick transformed a bedroom into an office by installing hardwood flooring as one of our first house projects, which is Bridget’s main office since she works remotely full-time. We like to relax and unwind after work. On a typical weeknight, we make dinner, play with Izzy, snuggle in front of a movie or show, then Bridget reads and Roderick plays video games.

Our lifestyle varies by season and our house décor rotates to reflect each one. Spring/summer consists of bike riding, floating on lakes, backyard BBQs, replanting our raised vegetable bed, and teaching ourselves to play tennis. We host game nights, have movie marathons, enjoy cold nights in front of our woodburning stove, travel, and take at least one annual ski trip with friends (Roderick skis and Bridget reads) in the fall/winter.

We invest our time and energy in things that are important to us like maintaining relationships regardless of distance. We speak (phone, text, Skype) regularly with long-distance family/friends and try to visit in person at least once a year. We are close with our family, which makes them extremely important to us. When it comes to friendships, we both maintain the mentality of quality over quantity – we have a tight-knit group of friends that we consider family. Everyone in our support system is excited to be a part of our open adoption journey.

Open adoption appeals to us because knowing our personal story is vital to forming our identity as we grow up. We want what is best for the child and the needs of our child will always come before our own. A relationship with our child’s birth family will enable our child, and us, to know their history firsthand. We recognize that the open adoption relationship is everchanging and look forward to connecting at whatever level our child’s birth family is comfortable.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

Roderick and Bridget

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