Roderick and Bridget


Hello, we are Bridget and Roderick,

We are a fun, affectionate, and active couple who have been together for more than a decade! We have made so many incredible memories together and cannot wait to have ‘expanding our family’ as a part of those memories, too. We live with our cat, Izzy, south of Seattle, Washington.

We love hard— we prioritize family time together and enjoy backyard BBQs with friends. We are supportive— going through life’s ups and downs such as a medical scare and losing relatives has brought us closer together. We are active— we enjoy taking bike rides and recently taught ourselves how to play tennis. We are creative— we take pride in our mid-century modern home and like doing house projects ourselves. We are goofy— there is plenty of laughter and we love to make each other smile.

On a typical weeknight, we make dinner, play with Izzy, and snuggle in front of a movie or show. Sometimes Bridget reads or Roderick plays a video game, but what we look forward to most is sharing these moments with our future child. We cannot wait to be first-time parents and read a goodnight story before bed or play a quick family game.

Early on in our relationship, we knew adoption would be the way we would grow our family. Unfortunately, miscarriages and difficult pregnancies run in Bridget’s family. Conceiving would be unsafe for us so, without hesitation, we quickly turned to adoption.

Open adoption appeals to us because knowing our personal story is vital to forming our identity as we grow up. A relationship with our child’s birth family will enable our child, and us, to know their history firsthand. We recognize that the open adoption relationship is everchanging and look forward to connecting at whatever level our child’s birth family is comfortable. We will always do what is best for our child as their needs will always come before our own.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

Bridget and Roderick

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