Lainey and Anthony


Hi there, we are Lainey and Anthony and are very excited to introduce ourselves!

We live in a beautiful small mountain town outside of Seattle with our two dogs. We are both super lucky to have amazing jobs making art for social video games, and are currently working from home. We have used our extra time together on weekday mornings to explore local hiking trails or to do a long walk into town to support our wonderful local coffee shop.

Our relationship started when we met in college while studying for our degrees in Animation/Illustration and we bonded early on through similar taste in music and movies. Our symbiotic relationship started very early on. Anthony needed help becoming a better student while Lainey needed help becoming a better artist. Working together, we successfully graduated and landed jobs together at the same company. In 2013 we decided to relocate to Washington State because we love the rain and experiencing all four seasons! Anthony was able to work remotely for his company while Lainey started out working at a local nursery until eventually landing a job at her current gaming company. Our jobs are exciting creative endeavors and they push us to be the best artists we can be. One of the most gratifying things about making video games for a living is meeting fans of the games we work on and hearing about how much they enjoy them.

While we love spending time together, we both have a variety of different hobbies and interests. Lainey enjoys gardening, playing video games, and kicking around a soccer ball while Anthony enjoys woodworking, weightlifting, and drawing. We are fairly laid-back people and our hobbies reflect that. We also enjoy working on our house, making constant improvements both inside and out. Occasionally it is nice to get away from our computers, and for that we like to take our little camping trailer and get out into nature where we can find lush forests and a good hiking trail. Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to reconnect with nature and one another is something we value and cherish.

We have a very close, supportive relationship with our neighbors, which is very important to us, we will gladly loan one another tools, help with projects, or even do produce swaps when our gardens have been too prolific! We have an abundance of trails and a beautiful river nearby. It is not uncommon during the summer months to see kids riding their bikes down to the river, fishing poles poking out their backpacks like antennas.

We are really excited to embark on this next stage of our lives and look forward to adding to our family and building new traditions and memories. We hope to show our child and our child’s birth parents our favorite hiking trails, take them to our favorite place to get lunch, and show them the local elk herd.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We really look forward to meeting you!
Anthony and Lainey

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