Orion and Martha


Hello! We are Orion and Martha.

We hope to give you a sense of who we are and why we are embarking on this journey that is open adoption. We wish you health, happiness, and hope this letter finds you well.

We met our sophomore year of college and have been married for over 12 years. Martha was immediately drawn to Orion for his ability to listen, his positivity, and his warm nature. Orion was attracted to Martha’s kindness, sense of humor, and thoughtfulness. Having kids has always been a part of our plan and when the time came to start our family, we unfortunately found that we weren’t able to have kids on our own.

After learning about open adoption, we knew we wanted to grow our family in this way. Open adoption aligns with our values of helping a child discover who they are through love and a supportive community. We want our child to feel connected to their birth parents and not feel that we are the mediators for their relationship. We anticipate sharing important milestones, as well as daily life experiences through letters, visits, emails, and video chats. We are ready to meet our child’s birth parent however needed to maintain an open relationship. Our biggest wish is to build a family where our child can grow up knowing where they came from in order to nurture who they will become.

We are excited to raise our child in Central Oregon where we are both employed in healthcare. Martha works as a Registered Nurse and Orion as a Physical Therapist. We chose these careers because we both value being of service to others. We also value having a healthy balance between work and spending time doing what we love. We have been fortunate to find jobs that allow us to do this.

When we’re not at work, we love spending time either in the outdoors, or in our cozy home that includes our dog, cat, and a large yard to play in. We cannot wait to take our little one on hikes, bike rides, and to see their reaction to snow in the winter. We look forward to sharing cooking lessons in the kitchen, family snuggles with our pets, and reading books by the fire. We feel lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who support us and create a loving community. We are so excited to begin this new chapter and to become first time parents through open adoption.

Warmly, Martha and Orion