Kathryn and Kate


Hi! We’re Kathryn and Kate. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We live in the southern Puget Sound region of Washington, in a cozy house we took apart and put back together again. This is the third house we’ve renovated together, which says a lot about our relationship. We enjoy figuring things out together – from simple stuff like how to cook aebleskiver (globe-shaped Norwegian pancakes) to how to frame a window – and both of us feel this has helped us become a stronger team.

Kate hails from the UK, the daughter of a Sri Lankan immigrant and a Welshman. She was very close to her parents growing up, and is endlessly thankful that both of them were supportive when she came out as transgendered. She considers unqualified love and care a huge part of being a family. If folks don’t know her, Kate might seem shy. But once she’s opened up, she’s always cracking jokes, and loves laughing with Kathryn and friends. Kathryn grew up the kid of educators, so digging into the “why” of things comes naturally to her. While she’s fairly quiet with people she doesn’t know, get her started and she really enjoys a complex conversation. Thoughtful and interested in details, Kathryn finds it helpful to get outside and observe the world. If it’s a rainy day, her preferred way to spend time is with a good book or her art, interspersed with tea and cuddling Kate.

Before we moved in together, we discussed our feelings and hopes about parenting. We’ve revisited this conversation many times and agree that we want to share how amazing the world is with a child. We’re excited to support someone as they figure out who they are. We know how strong, loving relationships make each of us a fuller person. The home we’ve created together is our rock and we want the child we parent to have the same sense of belonging that we do with each other. Life isn’t easy for anyone, but it’s made better with care, compassion, curiosity, and plenty of fun. That’s the family we are and the family we want to build as parents.

Neither of us is adopted but, as an interracial, same-sex couple, we make our way through a world that doesn’t always understand us. We’re lucky to have lots of people in our lives who love and support us, celebrating who we are. We want our future child to have those same strong connections with as many family members as possible, both first and adopted. We know that our child will be part of a loving community and we look forward to becoming part of a wider community through adoption. We also understand and respect that those connections may look different depending on what everyone needs at different times. However our lives change and shift, we promise to always keep that connection alive.

Warm wishes,
Kate and Kathryn

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