Mark and Brant


Hello! We are Mark (on left) and Brant!
We met online while completing residency training at the same hospital. Before meeting, we had never seen each other at work but soon found ourselves looking for reasons to “bump” into each other at the hospital, whether it was a morning coffee break or attending the same education sessions. We quickly found more and more things we had in common and the rest is history!

Our fondest memories together include exploring the different neighborhoods of Portland, and hiking, kayaking or camping in the surrounding wilderness. We also enjoy our quiet times at home, making homemade sourdough pizza and watching our favorite shows. We bought our century-old home when COVID began and have had the most fun gutting and renovating the kitchen and living room into our unique sanctuary. This has led us to dream about sharing this special space with children of our own.

Brant is from Indiana, and has a twin brother (not identical) and an older sister. Now an uncle to five nieces and nephews on his side, ages 2 to 12, he always enjoys playing with them when we visit. He likes to stay active by going to the gym, running, or spending time with friends at dinner parties and TV watch parties. At home, he can be found curled up on the couch with either Butters (the cat) or Shiner (the dog) on his lap reading or working on writing his science fiction story, painting, sewing, or planning new furniture to build.

Mark is from a small, tight-knit town in Texas and is the youngest of seven siblings. He has been an uncle since his teenage years and now has seventeen nieces and nephews! He has rarely experienced a family event without a baby in his arms. After finishing his education, Mark was quickly drawn to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. In his free time, Mark can almost always be found tending the backyard gardens or hiking nearby in the Gorge or national forests. Always adventurous, Mark has recently taken up sailing and foresees many trips in the future on the river and beyond! He has always envisioned himself becoming a father at some point in life. He is excited to have found a parenting partner in Brant.

Though neither of our families lives locally, we make a concerted effort to visit multiple times a year, whether in Texas, Indiana or anywhere between, as our family loves to travel. Likewise, family often visits us here in the PNW, including for our wedding, when close to eighty family members came from all over the country to show their support for our love.

One of the first things we discussed when dating was our interest in being parents. Watching each other’s interactions with nieces and nephews has only solidified our desire to raise a family together. We think the concept of openness in adoption is key to helping our children be their most authentic, whole selves.

We look forward to embracing our child’s birth family in our lives and creating an environment where our children can thrive, knowing who they are, where they came from, and that their entire family supports them. We extend our best wishes to you as you consider your choices and come to a decision that best suits you.

Brant and Mark

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