Heather and Mason


Hello, we are Heather and Mason. Thank you for reading our letter!

We met in 2006 when we worked together at Starbucks (and we both still LOVE coffee). We were friends for a while and became a couple in August 2008. We got officially hitched in 2011, but had our wedding in 2012. We are both from California and moved to Oregon in 2019 and feel so fortunate for the life we have been able to establish here.

Being friends before becoming romantically involved became the foundation of our entire relationship because it gave us a chance to establish what is really important to us. At the end of the day, the most vital aspect of who we are as a couple is the fact that we are best friends and will be there for one another no matter what life throws at us. We have learned to navigate life together by being able to communicate, giving one another space to grow and throwing in a playful sense of humor.

Mason has a wide array of interests from motorcycles to movies and can be genuinely intrigued by almost anything. He loves to cook and bake, especially for our loved ones at our social gatherings. Mason has a younger sister who lives in San Diego that he is very close to and we try to see her as much as possible.

Heather loves to read, craft and spend time with her friends. Being able to express herself creatively is what makes her heart happy, whether it be through crafting, dancing around the house or repainting furniture. She cares very deeply about the relationships and people around her and prides herself on being someone her loved ones can count on.

Through a series of fortunate events, we found ourselves working for the same biotech company. We both work in patient support services. Heather works within the non-profit sector, and Mason works with a team within a therapeutic area. It is through our company, we were able to move up to Oregon and establish a life here. Over the years, we have developed a growing support and friendship network within our community. During our downtime, we enjoy spending time with our friends, either through hosting events in our home, or going out to try new restaurants we discover in the Portland area.

After a lot of reading and speaking with friends who have adopted, we believe open adoption is the best path for us because we want our child to have the opportunity to connect with their own history. Mason is an adoptee himself and knows the value of a familial connection, as his sister is his only biological relative. Our relationship centers around openness and honesty, and pursuing an open adoption aligns with our values. Many of our friends have children, and we have witnessed firsthand the impact a community of people who love and contribute to a child’s life can have on them. By pursuing an open adoption, we believe it will allow the possibility of having a wider community of support and love for the child that otherwise would not be possible.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a bit about us.
Warm Regards,
Mason and Heather

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