Katie and Tiffany


Hi! We’re Katie (left) and Tiffany (right). We live in Seattle, Washington with our sassy cat Frida.

Our paths crossed when Tiffany met one of Katie’s friends at an art show, and he subsequently texted Katie “I just met your future wife!” How those words rang true! We were inseparable as soon as we met and got married in 2017. Not a day goes by that we don’t make each other belly laugh.

Katie grew up in Seattle but spent her high school and college years in North Carolina and Georgia before moving back to Seattle in 2012. She is a goofball and loves making people laugh. She has a passion for baking and loves capturing that bit of nostalgia in a chocolate chip cookie. She loves sharing her creations with friends and seeing the joy it brings them. She also gets things done! She’s constantly improving things around the house: building new bookshelves, updating lighting fixtures, and fixing things here and there. She works as a Web Content Producer at a local university, but dreams of someday opening a bakery so she can share her tasty treats with the community.

Tiff is very easygoing and quick to laugh. Her Chinese name means “happy cloud descending from the sky” and couldn’t be more fitting. Tiff’s dad was in the military, so she has lived all over the world: Turkey, California, Japan, Hawaii, and Washington. It opened her eyes to the beauty of other cultures and cemented her belief that there is an inherent goodness in everyone — no matter where they come from. She is curious and loves learning new things, which fits well with her job as a Designer. Cooking is one of the things she loves doing most — from learning to recreate traditional Chinese-Vietnamese dishes from her childhood to making crazy new dishes like cheeseburger gyozas! Aside from cooking, she likes nerding out on the computer, making art with code, and 3D printing objects.

We absolutely love living in Seattle. Our neighborhood is in a cross-section of culture – between a lively Latino cultural center, a Black art museum, and the International district. In the summertime, we hop on our bikes and ride to Lake Washington to swim and get some sun. On Friday mornings, we walk to a Filipino bakery and grab an apple fritter to celebrate the end of the week.

We chose to adopt because we want to become parents and we have a lot of love to give! We have many people in our lives we aren’t biologically related to but that we love like family. Our promise to you is that this child will know unconditional love, not only from us, but from our friends and family as well. Our home will be one filled with uncontrollable laughter, patience and understanding. Being gay, we know the importance of belonging and identity. We will raise our child to know and be proud of their adoption story and cultural identity. We know that parenting will not always be easy, but we will put in the work and never turn our backs on our child.

We also welcome you into our family. We want to build a relationship that works best for you — whether that be through sharing photos, texts, phone calls and/or in-person visits. We specifically chose open adoption because trust, transparency, and openness are values that are core to us as a family already. We believe openness is fundamental to building strong family relationships.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter,
Tiff and Katie

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