Katie and Tiffany


Hi! We’re Katie and Tiffany (the one wearing glasses). We live in Seattle, WA. Katie’s mom, Mary, also lives with us along with our cats Izzy and Frida.

Our paths crossed when Tiffany met one of Katie’s friends at an art show, and he texted Katie “I just met your future wife!” How those words rang true! We’ve been inseparable since 2013 and got married in 2017. We clicked immediately, but what’s made our relationship special is our shared curiosity and our ability to make each other laugh every day. We get excited about learning and creating new things. We love creating music and art, cooking, and traveling the world together.

We’re excited to have a family band that jams out in the garage and to play basketball in the driveway. Katie, who dreams of one day opening a bakery, is excited to teach our kid how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Tiff wants to show them her favorite things from all the places she’s lived (she grew up in a military family), especially her favorite candy shop in Japan and her local beach in Hawaii. Our kid is going to have the most epic halloween costumes! We can’t wait to share our sense of adventure, creativity and joy for life with our future child, and to cheer them on as they discover their own passions.

We live in a charming mid-century house in a quiet neighborhood. Our community is very tight-knit and our neighbors are all so friendly and helpful. Katie’s mom is excited to welcome another grandchild into the family. She wants to teach them Spanish (she used to be an ESL teacher) and take them for walks around the neighborhood. Katie’s brother lives 30 minutes away – it’s been amazing to see him and his wife raise 3 intelligent, loving children who are all so full of personality. Tiff’s family, who live in California, can’t wait for their first grandchild! Grandma Karen plans on teaching the little one Chinese and how to make dumplings. We have a few very close friends with babies who live nearby. We can’t wait to watch our kids grow up together and learn to ride their bikes down our street. We like hanging out in our back yard tending to our veggie garden and hosting friends and family for BBQs, outdoor movies, and badminton tournaments. We really feel we have a village of family and friends supporting us through this process, and who are ready to help us thrive as parents and as a family.

We chose to adopt because we want to become parents and we have a lot of love to give! We have many people in our lives we aren’t biologically related to but that we love like family. Our promise is that our home will be one filled with uncontrollable laughter, patience and understanding. We will listen to our child and protect them. We will provide them with the best education we can and do everything in our power to help them follow their dreams.

Being gay, we know the importance of belonging and identity. We will raise our child to know and be proud of their adoption story and who they are. We want our child’s birth family to be a part of our lives as well, in whatever way that works best for them — whether that be through sharing photos, texts, phone calls and/or spending time together in person.
Thank you for taking the time to read our letter.

Tiff and Katie

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