Saswata and Sumana


Hello! We are Saswata and Sumana.

We met online in 2010 and started talking immediately. At the time, we were in different countries, Saswata had moved to the U.S. for his job and Sumana was living with her family in India. From the very first day, Sumana found Saswata to be a great listener and she never got bored talking with him. Saswata found Sumana full of life, talkative and never out of topic. The 12-hour time difference did not stop us from talking or having long video calls on Skype. After 6-months of dating long-distance, Saswata flew to India to meet Sumana in person, and soon we decided to get married and move to the United States. Now we are in process of permanent residency and looking forward to raising our family here.

Saswata works for a large technology company as a software engineer for an Xbox gaming device. Though he loves his work a lot, Saswata still prioritizes spending time with Sumana, friends, and family. Sumana works part time as a receptionist for a small doctor’s office and loves her job, but most especially Sumana enjoys interacting with patients. She is a very social person and is happy getting to know all different kinds of people.

We are two people from different parts of West Bengal, India. Saswata comes from a small town surrounded by down to earth people, and Sumana was born in a big city with modern values. As a couple, we love to spend time going on a long drive or having a conversation with just a cup of tea. We have fun traveling and have visited a lot of National Parks, which we are excited to do more of as a family after we adopt. We also enjoy playing board games, watching movies and being outside, riding our bikes or going for a hike. If you ask our friends to describe us, they might say as a couple we are strong, dependable, and people who are great at bringing us all together.

In India, our family comes with grandparents, lots of aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. In the United States, we have made an extended family with our very good friends and their children. Our friends and family here and in India are excited for us to welcome a little one and their birth family into our lives, and they will have lots of cousins to play with.

We both come from family-oriented values. We love to spend holidays and special celebrations with our friends and family, whether it’s in person or a Skype call over the internet. We are truly blessed to have a supportive family and helpful friends in our lives. We would like our children to grow up surrounded by a loving and supportive family, including both their adoptive and birth family. They say we have a house, but we want to build a home for us. That’s why we are choosing to grow our family through an open adoption. We look forward to getting to know you and opening our hearts to our child’s birth family. We hope to create a home where we all feel welcome.

Thanks for spending a little time with us,

Saswata and Sumana

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