Billy and Cesar


Hi! We’re Billy and Cesar, and we appreciate you taking time to learn more about us. We’re former Midwesterners enjoying life in Washington state, and are honored and excited to expand our family through open adoption.

We met through a mutual friend in 2011 in Columbus, Ohio, and instantly hit it off. We embarked on many adventures – attending music festivals and concerts, traveling, purchasing our first house, and adopting our two rescue pups, Austin and Alfie. We also shared a love for the Pacific Northwest after several visits, so we eloped in Seattle in 2016 and then moved here in 2020. We bought our current home a year later in a wonderful and diverse community in South Seattle.

We both graduated from and started our careers at The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!). Billy now works for a large retail company and Cesar works for a non-profit organization – both based in Seattle.

Cesar was born in Lima, Peru; immigrated to the United States at a young age; and maintains a strong connection to his culture through family and food. Billy was born and raised in a small, one-stoplight Ohio town next to a beautiful lake and surrounded by endless cornfields.

Our relationship is a classic “opposites attract” story and our differences contribute to our love and strong bond. Billy is a Type A introvert who enjoys structure and organization, and Cesar is a natural extrovert who prefers to go with the flow. We share a love for travel, food and wine, horror movies, and all things Halloween. Together, our qualities complement each other, which we believe will translate well into our parenting styles.

Our hobbies also highlight our differences. We both enjoy listening to music, but Billy prefers indie rock (often singing along quite badly) and Cesar loves pop artists. Billy enjoys reading, and Cesar prefers watching documentaries or listening to podcasts (especially true crime). Our joint hobbies include live music, staying in touch with family and friends, exercising, and spending time with our pups.

Billy was drawn to parenthood from a young age after helping raise his little brothers, and Cesar after watching close friends become parents and spending time with their children. We’re looking forward to many experiences as an expanded family, from traveling to getting involved in our community to quiet (and not-so-quiet!) nights at home.

For our open adoption, we want our future child to feel loved by us, their birth family, and extended family on all sides. We also hope our child’s support network will include their birth family to the degree that everyone involved feels comfortable. We want to be a bridge, not a barrier, between our child and their birth family, while agreeing on a communication and visitation plan that benefits our child and respects the unique roles we will all play in their life.

We look forward to beginning this journey and potentially meeting you!

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