Amy and Brandon


Hi there! We are Amy and Brandon. We live in a small farm community about an hour south of Portland. We are fortunate to have plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities nearby (hiking, biking, fishing…the coast).

We fell in love eleven years ago and have been inseparable since. We walk our dog daily by the river, give all animals forehead kisses, and feed all the squirrels and birds out back. We have loved every home we’ve created (and so do our friends and family). Brandon loves to cook. We turn on the white lights outside and build a fire in the firepit outside. We play games or watch the bats at dusk.

Amy is a massage therapist and has a practice out of the house. She is more of the artist with a creative side, the dreamer, the nurturer. Brandon is in wildland fire management. He is more logical, yet is open to everything, and has the kindest heart ever.

We are very involved with our families, friends, and our younger nieces and nephew. We host ultimate slumber parties.

We love to travel nationally and internationally. We also love to load up the camper with our kitty, dog, and ferret and camp. We have a Christmas “Walk About,” we do every year in December for about three weeks visiting both sides of our family. Our nieces and nephew think it is the greatest thing when we show up with all the animals.

For the last five years, we have hosted “The Land of the Misfit Toys” Christmas party which morphed into the “Cream of the Crop” party. We invite our favorite people who have various ages and backgrounds. They have become best friends. We have a gift of extending our family. Open adoption makes so much sense for us. The more the merrier! We welcome you with a huge hug.

We have learned valuable life lessons – both individually and together. We hope to empower our child with the highest sense of self. We hope to help our child to be an independent thinker, to believe in themselves, and to become the best version of themselves. Our child, and our child’s birth family will be so special to us. We are so excited to welcome a new family into our lives and, together, create a foundation of love and support that will nurture our child. We all might not be “perfect” but we will be perfectly made for each other. Love, Amy & Brandon.

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