Jamie and Daniel


Hello there!

We’re Jamie and Daniel and we hope that this bit of information about us will give you some insight into who we are and what we’re like. We live in a quiet neighborhood just outside of Portland, Oregon. It’s a bit difficult to distill everything about us onto one page, but we’ll do our best!

We met online in April of 2008 in North Carolina. We had both somewhat recently moved to the area and Jamie found Daniel on Facebook (back when you could search for people in specific areas). Due to a great stroke of luck, Daniel had a picture of him with his aunt and uncle’s dog “Puff” in the picture and Jamie messaged him because of it. We owe everything to Puff! We started talking online and found out that our birthdays were two days apart and coming up soon, so we made plans for our first date to meet up for lunch and go-karts/air hockey.

We love being outside in nature, and spend a lot of our weekends hiking, camping and adventuring. Our dogs (Tyrannosaurus and Eevee) are a big part of our lives and we take them with us wherever we go. We take vacations to national parks and spend days hiking around seeing as much as we can. We can’t wait to do all of these things with our child. An appreciation and love for nature and the outdoors is a wonderful thing to cultivate and we’re so excited to start!

Living in the pacific northwest, indoor activities are clearly a must. Luckily we’re both huge nerds (although Jamie will definitely tell you that Daniel is the bigger nerd BY FAR) and have indoor hobbies as well. We both love cuddling on the couch for movie nights or binge watching a show together (assuming the dogs are tired enough to let us). We love to play board games and have quite a large collection! Jamie’s favorite is Mysterium and Daniel’s is Gloomhaven. We host game nights at our house and love to have friends over for games, drinks, and trash talk laughs. We also play video games (Jamie will tell you that Mario 3 is the best game of all time and has a large collection of Yoshi figures) and are both avid readers, which is something we hope to impart on our child as well.

We are choosing open adoption because we want our child to grow up in a complete environment. We want to be able to have answers to their questions and see them grow up never wondering why they were adopted or who their birthparents are. Our hope is that our child will know themselves better by knowing who their birthparents are. We also hope for a warm, close relationship with our child’s birthparents. Our ideal relationship is one of friendship and close connection. That isn’t always possible, and we completely understand that. Simply put, we want there to be a bond between our child, their birthparents and us. Nobody should have to do anything alone when it comes to raising children.

We can’t wait to start this journey and hope that you’ll choose to be a part of it with us, wherever it may take us in the future.

Jamie and Daniel

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