Rebecca and Dom


Hello! We’re Rebecca and Dom, and here’s a letter all about us. We appreciate you taking the time to read it.

We live in Portland (where Rebecca was born and raised), with family and friends rooted all around Oregon and Washington. Dom grew up in Michigan, but, following a few years in Chicago, has been in Portland since 2008. We met in 2014 on a dating app (is “swiping right” still a thing?), although we both realized we’d officially met several years earlier through mutual friends. Once we reconnected online, we went on a date, and then the next day another date, and then the next day another, and then the day after that, and after that… Skip ahead to the summer of 2016, when we got married in an intimate, informal wedding in our backyard. No big frills, just a potluck and lots of love, plus dancing and karaoke (don’t worry, we invited our neighbors). We enjoy low-key weekends at home with family and close friends—we wanted our wedding to feel that way too. The tight-knit community we’ve built together here in the Northwest is everything to us.

Rebecca is a School Counselor at a K-8 public school. It makes her proud to have a job where she can provide all children in a school community, regardless of their life circumstances, with access to counseling services. Dom leads a team of technical writers for an engineering firm, sometimes freelancing as a movie and music critic. Rebecca is silly, spontaneous, passionate, and creative, while Dom is earnest yet playful, loyal, and deeply generous with those he’s closest to. We collect vinyl records; stacks of books can be discovered in most rooms. (We probably need more shelves.) We hope to bring our child into a home filled with laughter and music and imagination.

These days, Rebecca spends her free time gardening and working on house projects, while Dom loves watching movies and plugging away on writing goals, even recently reconnecting with a childhood affection for comic books. We’re doing our best to incorporate yoga into our daily routine. When we can get away from the house, we adore spending time together outdoors, camping, basking in the beauty of the coast, hiking, or driving to a nearby river to picnic, swim, read, and float. We always find new places to explore, new foods to try, and new experiences to soak in. Whenever we can, we bring our two pups; this truly wouldn’t be an introduction to our family if we didn’t mention our dogs, Gilbert and Alfredo (Alfie), who we love so dearly. Gilbert is the spunky, playful rascal of our family and Alfie is our sensitive sweetheart.

We live in one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Portland, short walks from schools, parks, and churches of various denominations. On summer days you can wander through our neighborhood and hear different languages being spoken, take in cookouts with unique smells from so many different places, and hear music of all kinds. We want our child to live in the knowledge that this world is bigger than just their immediate experience. We want them to be a steward of the earth, mindful of their impact on the people and places they encounter. It is important to us that our child develops a strong sense of identity, found through a deep connection to place: their home, their communities, and their history. This not only means experiencing nature, but it means encouraging adventure and curiosity, exercising patience and facing all the possibilities to come with courage. It means embracing openness and honesty as a parenting philosophy. It’s why we’ve pursued open adoption, and why we are so excited to welcome our child’s birth parents into our family.

With love and gratitude, Rebecca and Dom