Jose and Claire


Hey there! We are Jose and Claire.

We have been together since 2014. We met when we were both in college, and we clicked immediately when we realized we had a lot in common. We have been each other’s best friends since we met. We have been married since 2017 and are looking forward to welcoming more people into our family.

Claire is caring, supportive, and understanding. You’ll often hear her making “dad jokes” and laughing at silly puns. She really believes in building community and being there for your neighbor. She works with women and mothers as a mental health and addictions counselor. She is empathic, patient, and very creative. She enjoys using her creativity and is looking forward to baking Christmas cookies with our kid, laughing at jokes, and creating super fun Halloween costumes together.

Jose is inquisitive, attuned to others, and dedicated. He has many hobbies. From working with wood to working with electronics, he loves working with his hands and never shies away from figuring out how things work, which serves him well as a Computer Engineer! He believes education is a pathway to a greater life. He wants to share this passion with his future child. He is excited to take his child to museums and teach them about math, science, and every subject he finds interesting (which are nearly all of them!). He is very patient and easily makes friendships with others.

As partners, we prioritize spending time together. You can often find us in the outdoors camping, spending time around a campfire, or exploring Oregon’s forests and beaches. When we’re at home, you can find us cooking a warm meal, enjoying our hobbies, watching our latest TV show, or playing games together. We also enjoy spending time with our cat Ruth Bader Ginsburg (affectionately known as Ruthie B. around our home). She is pawsitively the cutest cat you’ve ever seen and is purrfect in every way!

We live in a townhouse in the Portland suburbs. We enjoy our neighborhood because there are many families of diverse backgrounds and an overall sense of community. There is a nature preserve, a local school, a neighborhood basketball court, and multiple parks and bike trails that we enjoy all within walking distance of our home. We’re excited to have our child become a part of our greater community.

We are both family-oriented people that come from close-knit families with a lot of love to share. We are very excited to grow our family through open adoption! We’re looking for an open adoption relationship that has open communication and always keeps the needs of the child prioritized. We understand the importance of forming and honoring your identities, and we hope open adoption will provide our child with more opportunities for connection with family and connection with themselves. We are committed to building a family that is welcoming and loving for our child and their birth family.

All the best to you,
Claire and Jose

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