John and David



We are John and David. We met in Los Angeles and now live in Seattle.
After our first date, John thought David was too nice and David thought John was too wild (he had tattoos and drove a motorcycle at the time) but we also had lots of things in common. We are both bi-racial, both come from big families and have both always wanted to be parents. Growing up, we each knew what it was like to be a big brother and to look out for younger siblings. As adults, we love being “the uncles” to our nieces and nephews and continue to want to become dads, too. Our neighborhood in LA wasn’t great for young children and none of our family members lived there, so we moved to Seattle in 2021 with the hope of beginning our adoption journey.

We share our home with our dog Numi, who joined our family in 2019, when David lost his father to a rare form of cancer. Numi was a great source of comfort and levity for all of us during the final stages of his illness and continues to be an important reminder of him to this day. Before he died, he asked us to consider adopting Numi. We spoil Numi, who spends her days playing with her numerous squeaky toys, chasing squirrels and crows, and exploring parks and trails all over the city.

John grew up in Seattle and his family lives here, and we are close with his parents, three brothers and their families and see them frequently. Almost every weekend there are family gatherings or events like dance recitals and band performances with the kids or barbecues, potlucks, and park outings with larger groups of family and friends. Because John grew up in the area, he has lots of longtime friends who are considered part of our extended family and regularly join us for events. We also go to northern California to visit David’s mom, younger sister and brother and their families a few times a year and we love road trips so we usually take Numi (David’s little niece and nephew insist that we bring “Uncle Numi” with us).

We spend lots of time taking walks and hikes throughout Seattle. John loves gardening, and we often enjoy days and evenings in our backyard, especially when the weather is nice. David loves playing sports and board games and we live in a neighborhood that’s very friendly. Our neighbors get together for things like food truck Fridays. Halloween and winter festivals, so we spend a lot of time putting special lights in our trees and 10-foot-tall inflatables in front of our house (don’t even get John started on his train village).

We were both lucky to grow up with siblings, large extended families and close communities and we believe that families are stronger and happier when they welcome everyone. We want our child to know who they are, where they come from, and we want them to know their birth parents. We are committed to welcoming our child’s birth family into our family as we know this will enrich all of our lives. We would love to include our child’s birth family in frequent phone calls, dinners, game nights, summer movies, birthdays, holidays, and adventures throughout the city. Our journey together has been one of openness and inclusion and we hope to one day grow our family further.

John & David

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