I live on the beautiful south coast of Oregon, where I grew up. I moved back here, from Portland, three years ago when I decided I wanted to become a parent through open adoption. I knew I wanted my loving and supportive family nearby. So, on the weekends, while working for a local Architecture firm, I renovated a whole floor of their charming old bungalow into an apartment.

Many of my best memories are from playing in the ocean, lakes, rivers and forest; sometimes with my dogs and horses. Those are still some of my favorite things. Except now I go paddling, mountain biking and backpacking. Growing up surrounded by agricultural life also influenced me more than I realized at the time. I love gardening, making things and other simple pleasures, like picnics. I grow deep roots and connections to people and place. I love supporting my friends and family in their endeavors. I love balance. I can be silly and young in spirit. But I also think deeply about how to help build caring, unprejudiced and sustainable community.

While it feels right for me to be in lush Southwestern Oregon now, I have had years of exciting travels exploring different parts of the world. After getting my Undergraduate at U of O in a great Interior Architecture program I moved to San Francisco to design low income housing. Several friends joined me in SF and I made many new lovely, talented friends. After 6 wonderful years in SF I left for a Grad School program in Sustainable Architecture near LA, where I lived in an amazing, diverse Housing Cooperative. Then I moved to, and fell in love with, Portland. I especially loved my bike commute from my house on the East side. Along the way I have been so fortunate to visit several more thrilling places, like Vietnam and Haiti, for vacations, volunteering and study. I have many joy filled stories and there are many more to come. I so look forward to sharing this good life I have built with a kiddo.

Creating a multigenerational family is important to me because I want the chance to create a lifelong relationship, full of laughter and connection, similar to the one I have with my parents. I want to focus my love on a child, and help them discover how rewarding life can be, especially when we work together and care for each other. I will support our child in their endeavors and help them find and follow their path. I hope to be chosen by a birth family that wants to show our kiddo a love for learning, exploring and the fulfillment that comes from perseverance. I believe I am well suited for building a family through open adoption. I have a wonderful bio family, but I believe the relationships we choose are equally important. If chosen, you can always trust me to be open, to listen and to be kind. I very much hope you share your aspirations for your child and open adoption.


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