Aaron and Christa


Hello :)
Our names are Aaron and Christa. We hope this letter can help you get to know us a little bit. We have been happily married for 6 years, but our first date was actually a bit awkward. (Maybe somewhat like reading a potential family’s letter when you have never met?) We met at a nearby pub for a casual date and despite the uncomfortable pauses in conversation here and there, something felt comfortable about being together. Christa asked Aaron on a second date to see a movie. We got to the theater for a Marvel movie only to have a rainstorm cause the power to go out! We ended up standing in the pouring rain together and had a feeling we had found the right person.

Our relationship is based on mutual respect and love. Aaron is the sort of person who would give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it. He is not afraid to show emotion and is kind and patient. He is extremely resourceful and creative, coming up with solutions to problems with little effort. Christa is deeply connected to the ones she loves. She is understanding and tries to find the source of light in every situation. She is a critical thinker who bases her thoughts and ideas on others’ emotions and view of the world.

Our home is located in a coastal town in Oregon. It’s a beautiful small town with a tight-knit community. We share our home with 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a ferret. They are all very sweet with their own quirky personalities, and we love the joy they bring to our lives. We have plenty of fresh air, sand, and nature for a little one to explore and learn the wonders of the world. We can usually be found down at the beach looking for interesting rocks, exploring the coast with our dogs, camping, paddleboarding in the nearby lake, doing a puzzle, going to a play, relaxing by the fire with a good book, or watching movies. When not working or exploring the local area, we love traveling the world – we can’t wait to share our love of new places and different cultures with a child. We are both very open-minded and believe that kindness and willingness to learn of others’ differences and cultures is of utmost importance. Our daily life is flexible and will allow us more time with a child than most. We can offer a child a stable and secure home, a life full of love, support and opportunities. Not only are we excited to welcome a child and their birth family into our lives, but so are our extended family and friends!

Knowing that we deeply wanted to share our love and life experiences with a child, we started talking about a baby joining our family. Aaron was elated to discuss the possibility of having a child but Christa has had reproductive health issues since high school. As we explored our options for having a baby, we realized getting pregnant ourselves was not a viable possibility for us. Having suspected for a long time that she may face infertility, adoption is something that Christa has always had at the forefront of her mind. After considering our options we decided that adoption was the best path for us in creating a family. We know that a child who is placed with us will be accepted and loved as family, regardless of their genetics, by everyone in our lives.

We hope to find an expectant parent(s) who prefers to have a supportive, open relationship with us. Having an adoptive family and birth family who loves them is one of the greatest gifts we can offer a child and we truly want that for them. If you wish to spend holidays, birthdays, and other special events with us on top of normal visits, we would love you to be a part of that! If you decide to be less involved, whether it’s temporary or long term, we will honor you in that decision as well. We promise to foster love and the spirit of openness no matter where you are in life. We are happy to grow, learn, and change with you throughout the years. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

We wish you and all your loved ones the best!

Aaron & Christa

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