Ryan and Chantal


Hi! We are Ryan and Chantal.

Chantal is the tumbleweed of the family and began her life in West Africa as the child of medical missionaries. Her family, education, and early career kept her moving across the US and the world until summer 2011, when Chantal drove from Baltimore, MD to Portland, OR (Ryan’s hometown) to start medical school. At that time, Ryan was remodeling his house and working full time as a mechanical engineer. Two years later, we met on an online dating site. One date turned into many and 9 months later, we were married in a beautiful cathedral of trees on our friend’s farm. We began our marriage with both of us in graduate school and Ryan working full time! When Chantal graduated in 2016, we were excited to start a family but as the months and then years of trying to conceive went by, we began exploring other options. It felt like open adoption found us.

We are excited to bring a child into our lives through open adoption, expanding and enriching our connections as we involve his/her birth family in our life. We want our child to develop a clear understanding of who they are and how they fit in the world through their connections with people who love and care for them. We dream of adventures, meaningful experiences, comfort when it’s hard, and daily doses of silliness and laughter.

During the week, Chantal pursues her passion as a primary care naturopathic physician. She loves music, yoga, connecting with and bringing people together, making herbal remedies, and tending our garden. Ryan spends his days working on machinery and robots in his job as a manufacturing engineer. When he escapes the office for the day, he can often be found riding his bike, making things (furniture, wooden boats, nut crackers, etc.) or relaxing with a sketch book and his favorite Pandora station. Most of all, we enjoy spending time together. Our adventures include backpacking to mountain lakes, kayaking in Hood Canal, quick (or long) road trips, and visits to family all around the US. We love being able to walk to our neighborhood Thai restaurant, the library, or to a nearby park to play bocci ball. We enjoy hosting – our guest bed is always made and we welcome the excuse to be creative in the kitchen!

Family is, and always will be, central in our lives. We prioritize phone and zoom calls and visits with Chantal’s parents in Colorado and sister and brother-in-law in Pennsylvania. We love being close enough to Ryan’s parents, brother and sister for Sunday family dinners and spontaneous get-togethers. Growing up in such close knit families, we have always dreamed of starting our own. We are eager to share our hobbies, skills, and interests with our future children, as well as help them discover and foster unique passions of their own.

We are aware of the many uncertainties involved in open adoption, and we are excited by the possibilities that the future has in store. We hope that you, too, will experience hope and new beginnings in this time. Thank you for reading about us!

Ryan and Chantal

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