Ryan and Chantal


Hi! We are Ryan and Chantal.

Thank you for reading about us! We are an active couple living in the PNW, and we are excited to bring a child into our lives through open adoption. We dream of adventures, meaningful experiences, comfort when it’s hard, and daily doses of silliness and laughter.

We want the child we adopt to develop a clear understanding of who they are and how they fit in the world through their connections with people who love and care for them. And we look forward to expanding and enriching our connections as we involve birth family in our life.

Chantal is passionate about her work as a naturopathic doctor. In her free time, she enjoys writing, music, yoga and connecting people. Ryan spends his days working with industrial machinery in his job as a
manufacturing engineer. After work, he enjoys making furniture, reading and listening to bluegrass. Together we like kayaking, hiking, cooking, and frequent trips to the beach.

Family is central in our lives. We prioritize phone calls, zoom dates and visits with Chantal’s parents in Colorado and her sister and brother-in-law in Pennsylvania. We love being close enough to Ryan’s family for Sunday family dinners and spontaneous get-togethers. Growing up in such close knit families, we have always dreamed of starting our own. We are eager to share our hobbies, skills, and interests with the child we adopt while we help them discover and foster passions of their own.

There are many uncertainties involved in open adoption, and we look forward to finding our way together. We are excited by the possibilities that the future has in store. We hope that you, too, will experience hope and new beginnings in this time.
Ryan and Chantal

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