Free webinar for all service providers

Understanding Open Adoption

In this webinar designed for all service providers, you’ll learn how to provide support and share accurate information with pregnant individuals and couples considering adoption.

Join us as we dive into:

  • Why the era of closed adoption is over and how open adoption is now the norm.
  • What a child-centered open adoption looks like.
  • How openness serves the needs of all adoption constellation members throughout their lives.
  • Best practices in adoption.
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Why OA&FS is uniquely qualified to provide this training:

  • Non-profit agency licensed in Oregon and Washington.
  • Committed to all-options pregnancy counseling and openness in adoption since our founding in 1985.
  • Completed over 1,500 adoptions.
  • Offices in Eugene, Portland and Seattle can also serve clients nationwide.
  • Pro-choice with a reproductive justice lens–not religiously affiliated. •Our Board of Directors is led by birth parents.

“Thank you for always being a resource, for the work you are doing to connect families all over our community, and for making the world a better place through OA&FS.“
–Kara Hedberg, Planned Parenthood