Jeremy and David


Hello! We are Jeremy and David. We’ve been building a life together in Seattle over the last five years and would love to grow our family through open adoption. Jeremy grew up in Georgia and was stationed near Seattle with the Navy. David grew up in Michigan and moved here to be near the mountains. We met in 2018 and bonded over our shared interests in baking elaborate desserts, going to outdoor concerts, and sleeping in tents. We also discovered shared values, like taking great care of our dog Renly, being there for our friends and family, and always trying to learn and grow as people. We got married in 2023 and have become a team that neither of us can imagine being without.

David is a lawyer at a firm that tries to make it easier to build new housing in cities. Jeremy is a software engineer who loves building systems and solving problems. We care about what we do, but we also believe there’s much more to life than work. We love to play hide-and-seek in the park with Renly, paddleboard on Green Lake, and visit friends and family near and far. David sings in a choir and writes music on the piano; Jeremy restores furniture and grows herbs in the front yard. We also enjoy doing nothing in particular, like lying on the couch reading (or scrolling on Instagram) before ordering a pizza and streaming a miniseries about dragons or aliens. We would be excited to find new activities to pursue and new traditions to celebrate together with our child and their birth family.

We’ve talked extensively together and with the many parents and kids in our lives about why we want to become parents. The most important part of life for both of us is the people we love – the families we’ve been part of through blood, friendship, and circumstance – and we can’t think of anything better than continuing that tradition by loving and nurturing a child and watching them grow. We want to be part of helping the next generation find its way through this challenging and exciting world. We have both dealt with loss, late-night care responsibilities, and supporting loved ones through hard times, and we feel ready to take on the serious parts of parenthood. We are also actively collecting dad jokes and looking forward to fostering our child’s silliness and humor. Our jobs offer flexibility for parenting through remote work and reduced schedules, and time with our child will be our priority.

We’ve spent years learning about open adoption. As a male couple, we’ve always known our child would have other parents, and we see that as a plus – more relatives, more stories, more photos, more love. We will honor our child’s connection with their birth family, and we will follow their and their birth parents’ lead on what kind of relationship works best for them.
Thanks for reading, and our best wishes to you.

Jeremy and David

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