Alison and Matt



We’re Alison and Matt, and we’re super excited about growing our family through open adoption. Thank you for taking time to read about us!

We met through a mutual friend in 2011 and have been married since July 2017. If you asked our friends what drew us together, they’d likely tell you it was our silliness. Alison loves puns and “dad” jokes, and Matt has gotten punnier over the years, so we constantly make each other groan-laugh.

In 2018, we bought a cozy house after being starstruck by its large backyard. We recently planted some new trees and are excited to watch them grow. Matt enjoys tinkering in the garden, so he built some garden boxes and is growing veggies. Alison likes to do as little yard work as possible, so she’s learning about weed barriers and is doing (very) beginner landscaping so that future-Alison can just sit and enjoy the yard instead of working in it.

Alison grew up in rural Ohio with her parents and sister (who is adopted). She remembers how happy her parents were when they adopted her sister and can’t wait to experience it herself. She stays close with her family with weekly phone calls and yearly visits. For work, Alison helps people across Oregon get access to healthcare; a cause that is really important to her.

Matt grew up in Colorado with his parents and three older siblings (two brothers and one sister). They are spread across the states now, but family is still massively important to him and he stays in touch frequently. Matt works for an aviation engineering company, writing their manuals and installing aircraft equipment on planes and flight simulators. He enjoys the constant challenge of it, and the occasional opportunities to travel.

When we’re not working, we like being outside, reading or playing with our rescue dog, Eddie. We also enjoy bike rides, playing board games, having backyard cook-outs, hiking/camping, and cuddling on the couch to Netflix or while listening to records. Alison really likes “nesting” or light home improvement projects. Though she doesn’t consider herself to be artistic, she likes to think about how she can make the house cozier and more unique. Matt loves to be out in nature – hiking, mushroom hunting, or playing games like disc golf with friends. He also loves to read and write, exploring his imagination.

Like most parents, we want the world for our child, but we will also keep them grounded. We want them to develop the curiosity to try anything. To learn that failure is a natural part of growing and does not mean they should stop trying. We want them to be humble but confident, and above all to be kind and to understand that they are part of a larger world.

We will embrace our child’s birth family as our own; and we hope that they become true friends. We will honor and protect their part in our child’s life and heart, because without them our child cannot become their full self.

We wish you the best as you make your decision,
Alison and Matt

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