Hello, my name is Megan. I grew up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and recently moved back to the area and closer to family after spending the last several years in Hawaii. I currently live in Western Oregon with my active but cuddly cat Oliver.

As an introvert I truly cherish deep connections with my family and friends. I am quiet and thoughtful but also have a great sense of humor that tends to surprise others once I become more comfortable with people. My core values are kindness, honesty, loyalty, compassion, humility, and determination. I am fairly easy-going and tend to get along with everybody. I am not a fan of seafood and I’m still terrified of the ocean floor despite living in Hawaii for several years.

I have always loved sports and grew up playing and watching as much as possible. I am a huge Mariners baseball and Kraken hockey fan. Baking cookies and cupcakes is a fun and tasty stress relieving activity for me, and I even managed to win a small cupcake wars competition. Recently I have rediscovered the joy of riding my bike and taking leisurely strolls around my neighborhood. I also enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles and curling up with a good book while listening to the rain, activities that bring me back to fond memories of my childhood.

Becoming a mom has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, starting with my first Cabbage Patch doll Jocie, who I still have today. Children have always been a huge part of my life from babysitting in middle school, coaching a youth girls basketball team in high school, working with children with disabilities in a play therapy type setting in college, to a career as a neonatologist that allows me the amazing opportunity of caring for infants born early or those who need extra help after birth.

I am excited to grow my family through open adoption, not just with the addition of a child but also with the child’s birth family. Play dates at the park, family game/movie nights, milestone and holiday celebrations, meet-ups at sporting events or trips to the river or ocean are some of the ways I imagine integrating my child’s birth family into our life. I believe there can never be too much love for a child and my hope is that my child will be able to know about their roots and have the opportunity to share his or her life with their birth family.

I envision my relationship with my child and their birth family will be one of love, understanding, patience, and open communication. I hope to be able to share some family traditions from my childhood with my child and build new traditions with him or her. Growing up I was fortunate to be able to participate in many activities with the support of my parents and I look forward to supporting and cheering on my child as they discover their passions in life. I dream of family dinners around the table and after school activities watching my child participate in sports, theater, dance, chess club, or whatever activity they are interested in.

My biggest wish is that my child knows that they are loved unconditionally and that they will grow up in a positive and supportive environment that allows them to develop and learn to their full potential and gives them the tools to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Warm Aloha,

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