Exploring adoption? Know where to go.

Exploring adoption is a time of intense vulnerability during which people make life-changing decisions that require empowerment, expertise, resources and respect. As an expectant or adoptive parent, you have the right to high-integrity adoption services. At Open Adoption & Family Services, we recognize and honor this. As the experts in open adoption, we’ve placed more than 1,500 children with families who are genuinely seeking a relationship with the birthparents. With our support, adoptive parents and birthparents create open adoption relationships based on mutual compassion and respect, promoting the emotional well-being of the child. Our staff understands the unique dynamics of the parties involved. We provide you and the birthparents with the tools necessary to feel at home in your open adoption.

This gallery of tips highlights some of the most important aspects of an adoption agency's practices, and reflect the values that we bring to every adoption.

Program and Process