Questions to consider
when thinking about parenting.

Making a decision about what to do regarding your pregnancy is a very personal choice. There are no right or wrong answers. By exploring each option thoroughly, you will gain clarity about what choice feels best to you. Following are parenting questions to consider, and parenting resources.


  • How will parenting change your current lifestyle and the goals or plans you had for yourself?
  • What challenges do you expect? (e.g. financial needs, emotional needs, and personal goals…)
  • How might you meet the challenges listed above?
  • After talking to your friends and family, list the types of support they can realistically provide (e.g. childcare, housing – long term or temporary, baby items, emotional support).
  • Explore and list community resources available to help people meet parenting needs.
  • What does the father think and feel about parenting?
  • Parenting is a very personal decision. There are no right or wrong answers. It may be helpful to create your own individual list of the pros and cons of parenting.

Parenting Resources

  • US Government Parenting Resources. An index of links and information on parenting compiled by the US Government. Includes WIC, food stamps, TANF, breastfeeding, Healthy Birth Initiative, Healthy Start, Head Start, childcare credit.
  • Zero to Three. Informs, trains and supports professionals, policymakers and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers.
  • Healthy Families America. Strives to provide all expectant and new parents with the opportunity to receive the education and support they need at the time their baby is born.
  • Parenting Now. Parenting groups, support, advice and networking.
  • Insights Teen Parenting Program. Provides positive options for young parents.
  • Oregon Parenting Education Directory. Programs listed by county compiled by Oregon State University.
  • UrbanMamas. A dynamic online community for mamas who share tips, advice, ideas, fun, challenges and more.
  • Parent Helpline. Emotional support from trained advocates to become an empowered and stronger parent.
  • The Push Back. Pushing back against ignorance, bitterness and prejudice to show what young parenthood really looks like.

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