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"My daughter knows how loved she is by her birth family. She knows who she looks like and why she will only be 5'2 in a home of over 6-foot-tall parents! We are thankful to your agency for providing all parties the necessary education for successful adoptions and successful, long term, meaningful relationships with birthfamilies."

Diane, Adoptive Mom

"Ariel (our daughter) has never had to worry that her birthfather doesn’t love and care about her. His love has been demonstrated over and over again. It’s not enough to just love a child, you have to be there to show them you love them … My daughter’s birthfather is like a close uncle to her and a son-in-law to me."

Nick, Adoptive Father

Birth grandparents can play an integral and meaningful role in the open adoption relationship and the adoption planning process. However, birth grandparents can find themselves in a difficult position: wanting to support their child to make a decision they feel good about; while at the same time experiencing strong feelings about the choices their child is facing. Whatever choice birthparents make, the birth grandparents are very much affected.

Open Adoption and Family Services extends counseling and support to birth grandparents. Counselors can give you a safe place to process your feelings, so that you can be present to give your child positive and unconditional support.

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