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"The first thing to realize is that even if a birthfather wants to play a part in his kid's life, he's probably going to go into denial for a period of time. The easiest way to "deal" with a painful situation like this is to just stop looking at it. I would imagine that a lot of birthfathers enter the denial phase early in the pregnancy, and I would bet that a good deal of them never stop denying it."

Anonymous Birthdad

"I love OA&FS' definition of openness - it is more truly open, not like "closed in disguise"."

OA&FS Seminar Attendee

Birth grandparents can play an integral and meaningful role in the open adoption relationship and the adoption planning process. However, birth grandparents can find themselves in a difficult position: wanting to support their child to make a decision they feel good about; while at the same time experiencing strong feelings about the choices their child is facing. Whatever choice birthparents make, the birth grandparents are very much affected.

Open Adoption and Family Services extends counseling and support to birth grandparents. Counselors can give you a safe place to process your feelings, so that you can be present to give your child positive and unconditional support.

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