Rose and Clara


Hello! We are Rose and Clara (glasses). Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!

In 2017, we met for the first time for lunch and a walk in the park. We initially bonded over our shared love of Grey’s Anatomy, and the fact that we both grew up in Southern California. Over the coming months, we learned that we shared a desire for fun and adventure, a deep commitment to family, and a pride in making Washington our chosen home. In 2019, we got married in the same park we walked through on our first date, and we’ve been building our life together ever since, along with our little dog, Bodie.

Rose’s favorite movie, The Lion King, taught us that in this life “there is more to see, than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be
done.” In our wedding vows, we promised that despite this, we would make sure we did as much as we possibly could together. We live out that promise, in ways big and small, every day. We have taken our bucket list trips to Italy, and New York City, and try to take a trip somewhere beautiful in the northwest every few months. We have spent the last few years in a quest to make the perfect pizza. We love to spend a weekend afternoon at a local coffee shop playing a board game. We make each other laugh every day.

Rose has worked as an elementary school teacher for the past decade and loves helping kids feel confident at school. When she isn’t teaching, she can often be found working in our home or
yard. She’s the handy woman of the house – taking on the family tradition of “tinkering” passed on by her grandfather to fix and install anything we need. She is a creative crafter and sews beautiful quilts for our families. Clara worked in the non-profit field for a few years before becoming a middle school math teacher – where she has worked for the past four years. She enjoys baking sourdough bread and other treats to share. She also enjoys reading and writing – often listening to a fantasy or dystopian novel on her commute or on a walk around the neighborhood.

We have close relationships with our families, and value the time we get to share with them. Rose’s parents, grandmother, and aunt and uncle all live locally, and we enjoy meeting up with them for a meal, a board game, or a local event. Clara’s family lives in California and we travel to visit them at least once a year. We have a lot of love for our families, our lives, and for each other, and we are ready to share that love with a child. We are excited to make chocolate chip pancakes as a family on Saturday mornings. We are eager to share our sense of adventure with our child and let them add pins to our parks map as they visit each one. Clara knows that Rose will make our child laugh all the time with her goofy faces and silly songs.

The importance of family to us is in large part what fueled our desire to grow our own family through open adoption. Openness in adoption is important to us because we want the child we adopt to know that we love and appreciate all parts of them – which includes their first family. When we got married, we vowed to love each other’s families as our own. We plan to make that same commitment to the child we adopt.

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