Free webinar for state child welfare staff

Adoption through OA&FS: An option for parents encountering state involvement

In this webinar specifically developed for state child welfare staff, you’ll learn how DHS, DCYF, Family Coaches, Self-Sufficiency and CSO staff can collaborate with OA&FS to support people who wish to explore pregnancy and parenting options, including private agency adoption.

Join us as we dive into:

  • Circumstances that can lead to private agency involvement
  • Ways that state organizations and OA&FS can work together
  • All-options counseling services
  • Adoption planning services
  • Placement timelines
  • Understanding child-centered open adoption
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Why OA&FS is uniquely qualified to provide this training:

  • Non-profit local agency licensed in Oregon and Washington.
  • Experienced staff provides all-options pregnancy counseling and adoption planning services.
  • Completed over 1,500 adoptions since our founding in 1985.
  • Experts in child-centered open adoption.
  • Established community partner with state child welfare.
  • Our Board of Directors is led by birth parents.

“I heard really good things about the presentation and information. I hope that we can continue to connect and collaborate for the benefit of the families and children we serve.“
–DHS Permanency Supervisor