Zack and Matt


We’re Zack and Matt, and we’re happy to introduce our family to you. We know you have a lot to think about right now, and we appreciate you taking time to consider us as an adoptive family for your baby.

We live in a small, fairly rural town in Massachusetts, with our three-year-old son, Sam, and our ten-year-old beagle, Max. Our home is ideal for a family, with a massive backyard to explore, a playroom on the first floor, and plenty of room to grow. Zack works as a senior administrator at an Ivy League university, and Matt splits his time between being a part-time home healthcare aide and being home with our son when he isn’t in preschool. Sam is so empathetic and caring, and we know he is going to be a wonderful big brother! We are very close with Zack’s parents, who live just a short drive away in the town where Zack grew up, and we have a tight-knit community of local friends and family.

Being dads is our greatest joy and we spend lots of time together as a family. We love to explore local parks and playgrounds, and take day trips to the beach, the museum, and into Boston. We love to travel, especially to Washington, D.C., New York, and Cape Cod, where we have lots of friends and family. But most of our time is spent at home singing silly songs, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and building block towers. When Sam is spending time with his grandparents, we also enjoy “dads’ night out” seeing a play or a movie (Matt loves dramas; Zack loves rom-coms), heading to a local sporting event (football for Zack; soccer for Matt) or putting on Netflix and ordering our favorite take out (Matt loves our local pizza spot; Zack goes for the nearby burger joint).

We always knew we wanted children. Although we considered many ways of building our family, adoption felt like the best fit. We loved the idea of providing a warm and loving home for a child, while at the same time expanding our circle to include the baby’s birth parents and extended family through open adoption. We were blessed to become Sam’s dads through open adoption in 2019, and our relationship with his birth mother and her family has truly been a gift for us. We were able to stay connected with Sam’s birth mom remotely during the early days of the pandemic, and now are happy to enjoy in-person visits. We are equally committed to any level of connection the birth parents are comfortable with, in our next adoption.

As parents, our number one priority is that our children feel loved and accepted, no matter what. We want our kids to know that we support them, always, in anything they want to do or be. We hope that this open approach will build trust with our children as they grow up and that our relationship can evolve into friendship when they’re adults. We would love to welcome your child into our family and give them this unconditional love and acceptance, if you choose adoption.

We recognize you are faced with a complex decision and have much respect for you as you think about your options. We hope this has helped you get to know our family a little bit. We wish you the very best, and look forward to possibly meeting you!!

Zack and Matt

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