Whitney and Ryan



We’re Whitney and Ryan! Thanks for letting us introduce ourselves.

They say opposites attract and who are we to argue with that? Where Ryan is practical and analytical, Whitney is spontaneous and outgoing. Where Ryan is organized and reserved, Whitney is messy and exuberant. If our life were a buddy cop movie, Ryan would be the strait-laced cop just trying to make it to retirement. Whitney would be the one driving cars through buildings.

Hailing from the Midwest and East Coast, we are transplants to the Pacific Northwest. We both independently came to Olympia, WA to finish college, and have been putting down roots here ever since. Olympia’s lore states if you drink the local artesian well water, you’ll always return. We’ve tried to escape a few times but have never made it very far. It may be a small town, but it’s got a unique vibe and some great food and feels like home to us.

As products of a college that doesn’t give grades and the Great Recession of ‘08, we bounced around various odd jobs until we found ourselves with careers of a financial bent. No one was more surprised than us, which is often the case in life, but we’re always willing to go where life takes us. Whitney works at a credit union helping people with home loans and Ryan works for the Department of Transportation helping finance road construction projects. We value the stability and work-life balance that our careers provide.

We love animals, and share our home with our two rambunctious cats, Corn (short for Cornelius) and Murphy Brown. We enjoy movies (both horror and action), and have an appreciation for art of all kinds. Our home is both our refuge and a place we enjoy welcoming friends from near and far to stay. Whitney gardens in our backyard, cooks, explores local thrift shops and travels the world when she can. Ryan is a voracious reader, immersing himself in the stories of people’s lives, and enjoys the game of poker for its mix of analytical strategy and emotional intelligence.

Both of us were raised in religions that promoted conformity, submission to authority, and secrecy around many topics. Open adoption appeals to us because it rejects that. We don’t want to feel the need to hide something that we feel should be celebrated. We’re eager to share our love and experiences with a child, and we’re excited to share in the love and experiences that the birth family will bring. We’re excited at the idea of growing our family, and giving our child the safety and encouragement they need to find their passions and develop their own identity.

Life is the accumulation of little moments: moments of joy, sadness, thrills and happiness. We would like to share these moments with you.

Thank you,
Ryan and Whitney

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