Whitney and Dani


Hello! We are Whitney and Danielle (Dani) from Pullman, WA.

We really wish we could tell you a great first sight love story but the truth is we met on a dating app in 2015 while living 2 and ½ hours apart. Once we got most of the awkwardness of the first date out of the way, we began face timing, texting and visiting each other whenever possible and quickly fell in love. We have grown so much over the last 6 years and have experienced so many changes together including adding a dog (George), two master’s degrees, 4 job changes, 4 apartments, moving to Washington D.C. and back again, building a home and in 2020 becoming married. Through all this we have remained best friends and have always held the same morals, values and priorities. In our relationship we value quality time, humor, communication, unwavering support, fierce loyalty, love and always respect.

Whitney works an accountant at an engineering firm, focusing on data analytics and loves both her job and the company she works for. Whitney excels at her job but she would consider being an aunt to her nieces and nephew her favorite title. On any given day you can find Whitney face timing or visiting her nieces, nephew and twin sister. Whitney enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, riding bikes and taking George on hikes.

Dani has always had a passion for helping others and has tuned this into her careers. She started her career as a drug and alcohol counselor at a high school before completing her master’s degree. She has since worked as a crisis worker on the National Suicide Hotline and now works as a therapist supporting sexual assualt survivors. While there is a calm and serious nature to her professional life, personally, Dani is always making others laugh and never takes herself too seriously. Dani enjoys sports, Air Jordan sneakers, biking, game nights, cooking, baking and anytime she gets to socialize with those she loves.

We wanted to include our friends and family throughout this process and asked those closest to us what words they would use to describe us, here is what they said:
Whitney: loveable, compassionate, kindhearted, selfless, generous, courageous, loyal, honest, committed, helpful, brave, intelligent, caring, funny, athletic, adventurous, tolerant, patient, driven, good listener, genuine, reliable, understanding, loving, consistent, considerate, forgiving, responsible, respectful and easy going.
Dani: encouraging, selfless, supportive, pure, thoughtful, huge heart, empathetic, authentic, hilarious, kind, loyal, nonjudgmental, compassionate, inclusive, teammate, devoted, “a person who strives to raise up others and celebrates their success,” fun, family oriented, welcoming, consistent, honest/frank, loves with no boundaries.

We are blessed with a large extended family and lifelong friends who have loved/supported us throughout our journey to parenthood. On most, if not all weekends, you can find us spending quality time with the people closest to us. There are many things we can’t control in life so we choose to focus on values to lead our everyday actions and decisions. Our values for parenting include unconditional love, good intention, integrity, humor, trust, respect, simplicity and endless support. Together, we know that becoming parents is the biggest blessing we could receive in this life time. Not only are we ready for the commitment of adoption, we are hopeful and excited. Equally, we are just as excited and committed to fostering a lifelong relationship with our child’s birth parents and creating a safe space full of love, understanding, collaboration, fun and compassion. We have always agreed that adoption was the right path for us and felt that OA&FS aligned with what was important to us. We wanted our child’s birthparents to have a sense of autonomy, respect and support to make the best decision for themselves and their child. We feel blessed to be given the opportunity to be considered as adoptive parents and know that we have open arms and hearts for both our child and their birth parents.

With love,
Dani and Whitney