Wes and Josh


Hi! We’re Wes (on the left) and Josh.

We live in a wonderful neighborhood in West Seattle with our dog Truman (a Jack Russell Mix). We met through friends when we were both living in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2010. Our similar interests but different personalities really clicked and we became fast friends. We remained close friends as Josh took his career to Florida, and then fell in love as we realized we didn’t want to spend another day without each other. We researched places that had everything we wanted in a forever-home and moved to Seattle to start our lives together! We love the city we now call home.

We love to host friends and neighbors at our home. Welcoming a child into our family certainly won’t be the first time children have run through our house! We typically are “the place to gather” whether it’s our annual Halloween party or a Sunday brunch on the back patio. Friends and family always come first for us, so the more time we can spend with them the better. We can’t put into words how excited we would be to meet and love our child, and there is a community of people supporting us who are almost equally excited! Everyone in our group knows the value we place on open adoption and would be excited to welcome a child and their birth family as part of our extended family.

Many weekends we head to the mountains for hiking, snowshoeing or some other adventure. Truman almost always comes along, too! We love to travel and have visited a number of National Parks over the last few years on vacation. We are excited to share this sense of adventure and love of the outdoors with our child. From bands like Pearl Jam to folk-rocker Brandi Carlisle, we love music and our concert list is as diverse as our friend circle. Quality time is our joint “love language” and spending time together at home reading, relaxing, or cooking is what recharges us. We love to work on our home as well, and tackle projects together. Our friends, neighbors and family would say we approach life as a true team.

Josh works in video and communications. He loves taking complicated technical stuff and making it easy for everyone to understand. He appreciates that his work has given him exposure to all kinds of people. He’s a constant learner and loves to explore where people come from, how cities started, and what makes people tick. Josh enjoys a night on the couch with a good book (likely a biography of some President) and likes to run and work on the yard. Wes works as a sales director for a major IT company and leads a team that is spread across North and South America. His passion is helping people become the best they can be, working with them to discover their unique strengths. With degrees in both Engineering and Business, Wes loves to design, build and plan whether it’s in the kitchen or in the workshop. He also loves live sports (especially Chicago Cubs and Bears!) and theater.

We both grew up in rural America, Wes in Central Illinois (think cornfields not Chicago) and Josh in Louisiana (think swamps not New Orleans). We both had a great home and family life with our siblings (we both have older sisters and Wes also has a younger brother.) We love spending time with one-another’s families and we both consider our siblings as our best friends. Wes lost his mother in 2010, which drew his family even closer despite the physical distance. From Illinois to California to Louisiana, we love visiting family and having them visit us in Washington.

Our vision for our child is that they have a safe and loving home, and feel encouraged to try new experiences. Even if our child’s interests are new to us or if our child is interested in something both of us know nothing about, we will learn with them and offer encouragement. We hope to show our child the world through travel but teach them that no matter how far one may travel, there is no place like home. We are excited about being parents, and about having a strong relationship with the birthparent(s) and family and including them in our lives. We look forward to getting to know you!

With Love,

Wes & Josh

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