Vincent and Nicolas


Bonjour, hello, we are Vincent (left) and Nicolas (right) who also goes by Nic!

We are both French, born and raised, and moved to the US in 2017. We met 10 years ago in Paris, when Nic started his first job and Vincent was still in college. In 2016, Nic proposed to Vincent in Paros, a small Greek island we discovered during a previous summer trip. We got married a year later and moved to Seattle to pursue a job opportunity. We quickly fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and bought a house here in 2018. We still go back to France once a year, but Seattle is definitely home for us.

The two of us have a strong connection and share many values. We are both hard workers, loyal and reliable. We are organized and enjoy planning, from small daily activities to bigger projects. However, we also have our own personalities. Vincent is a thinker and needs time to analyze things before making decisions. He is compassionate and invests a lot of time in building relationships. Vincent shares his emotions easily and always sees the positive sides of things. Nic is self-confident and can make decisions quickly. He loves to grab coffee with coworkers to catch up on their weekend. He has a great sense of humor and always has stories to make our friends laugh.

As we both have been working from home since March 2020, we are now also colleagues. We actually adjusted well and have fun sharing work anecdotes or grabbing coffee down the street during the day. Vincent has been at the same tech company for 9 years and recently started to manage a small project management team. He enjoys developing people and learning new skills from them. Nic comes from finance but pivoted to fashion recently and now manages private label brands for a retail company. He loves to discuss fabrics and design instead of numbers.

We love having friends over at our place to watch TV shows or to grill meat in the backyard during the summer. We both cook and always try new recipes. Nic’s special is the pasta omelet, which used to be his favorite meal when he was in college. Outside of cooking, we love traveling and discovering new places. We recently went to Mexico and Costa Rica, and we also have gone on many road trips across the US and the Pacific Northwest. We like to go regularly to Oregon, California and Arizona. We still have many cities and national parks sitting on our bucket list that lives on our fridge. We love architecture and decoration (we are obsessed with Art Deco!) We spent 18 months remodeling our place and continue to have small DIY projects here and there. We also recently bought a small vacation house in Provence and already have plenty of ideas to improve it.

Now that we settled down in Seattle, we both feel ready to become parents. When we searched for adoption options, we learned about open adoption and quickly felt this was the path we aspired to. The idea of having the birth parents being part of our extended family resonated immediately and our friends and family quickly supported us on this journey. We both value transparency and we want our child to know where they come from, who they are and to be proud of having a large family. We look forward to building a relationship centered around love for the child and engaging with the birth family the way they will feel comfortable with.

When we think about our future with a child, we think of small things that make us happy today and that the three of us could do together, such as hiking in the park next to our house, cooking dinner for friends or family or playing cards and board games. We feel lucky to live in a dual culture (French/American), and we aspire to transmit this to our child, along with their own cultural heritage. We aspire at creating an environment of trust, respect and empathy in which our child will feel confident to pursue their dreams. We will encourage them to be curious, meet new people and travel the world to develop their personality.

Merci, thanks for reading about us.
Vincent and Nicolas.

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