V and Mort



We’re V and Mort (Vanessa and Brendan). Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about who we are and our aspirations for parenting in an open adoption.

We met in our freshman college dorm and became friends after we both joined the ultimate frisbee team —a year later we were dating. V loved that Mort was smart, but easy-going, with a quirky flare like hers. Mort was attracted to V’s sense of adventure and fierce independence. Over sixteen years, we’ve built a strong and loving partnership. Others describe us as a funny, laid back couple who value and prioritize our relationships with friends and family.

V is a Physician Assistant, working in family medicine at a Community Health Center. She grew up in Vermont with her time shared between two families of chefs, artists, and hippies. She’s embraced cooking as an adult, learning to pickle vegetables and she started a monthly cookbook club with her friends. Mort grew up in Maryland. He works in technology as a product manager for a clothing company’s website. He reads a couple dozen books a year and is known for his trivia knowledge. Outside of work he stays involved in our local neighborhood association and enjoys watching Blazers games with friends.

Together, we begin each day with a cup of tea in bed and end it with an evening stroll after dinner. We love to get outdoors and go hiking, backpacking, or cross-country skiing most weekends. We’re known for organizing fun group events, including an informal half marathon and several tournaments, like Euchre (card game) and Stump (lawn game with hammer) each year. On quieter nights we like to play board games or do the crossword puzzle. We try to travel when we can, and have visited Europe, Asia, and Latin America together.

We moved to Portland in 2010, shortly after getting married. Our house is in a diverse and walkable neighborhood on the eastside of the city, close to several parks and our local elementary school. We share our home with an adorable but opinionated cat named Weezy, who we love dearly. Portland is a great fit for us and we never tire of exploring the Pacific Northwest. We have built a great life here filled with good food, wonderful friends, and amazing adventures.

We have always envisioned building a family together and can’t wait to welcome a child into our lives. Open adoption resonates with us as it allows a child to know their story and know how much they’re loved. We’re excited for the opportunity to build a relationship with you, the birth family, and hope you truly feel like members of our family.

Thank you for getting to know us as you consider your path forward.


V & Mort (plus Weezy)

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