Tyson and Valerie


Hi! We’re Tyson and Valerie, and we are honored to introduce ourselves to you.

We met and became good friends 13 years ago in college, drawn to each other’s intelligence and humor. Valerie noticed Tyson’s ability to make classes interesting with pop culture references, and Tyson appreciated Valerie’s unusual mix of attention to detail and playfulness. Shortly after graduation, we started dating. A year later, Tyson proposed by telling a story about a pixie and a giant choosing to walk life’s path together. That story says a lot about our relationship: we are whimsical, love stories, and are a foot apart in height! We married in 2013 and have been growing together in love and laughter ever since. We are excited to begin the adventure of parenting together.

Tyson works as a therapist focusing on child mental health. He has a very flexible schedule, which will allow him to be a full-time dad once we have children. He is an amazing listener and a talented storyteller, and he has a contagious passion for podcasts, Doctor Who, and comic books. Valerie works as a corporate strategist, helping business leaders make decisions. She loves meeting new people and planning themed parties. She is also quite creative: she writes, plays the French Horn, crochets, and bakes.

We live in a suburb north of Seattle with our pets, Sage the dog and Cinnamon the cat. Our home is a cozy condo with a playground and a pool. We love hosting people for dinner and game nights. We also enjoy art of all kinds – shows, plays, concerts, ballet, movies, museums, you name it! Every couple of years we visit the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and we both love theater. Our other hobbies include camping, collecting books, and dancing like fools in our living room. We are very social and have amazingly supportive friends and relatives. We can’t wait to share and expand that community with a child and their birth family!

We knew we wanted to be parents since we started dating, but growing our family was harder than expected. We pursued some medical treatments but, four years later, we feel strongly that adoption is meant to be our path to parenthood. We believe that an open adoption is the best way to empower our child’s full identity, and we are excited to welcome their birth family into our lives.

Our family values will be shared with our child: kindness and generosity, education and empathy, playfulness and creativity. Many of our values come from our open and welcoming Christian faith, which also inspires our passion for social justice. Regardless of our child’s race, they will be raised to honor diversity and advocate for others. If we have a multiracial family, we will teach strong pride for our child’s racial identity and provide many opportunities for same-race friends and mentors. Our hope is that our home is a warm, safe, and loving place for both our child and their birth family.

With love and peace,
Valerie & Tyson

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