Tyson and Valerie


Hi, we’re Tyson and Valerie! We are excited for the adventure and honor of parenting through adoption.

Valerie looks forward to baking treats for our future child, playing pretend with them, and planning fun themes for birthday parties. Tyson can’t wait to make cheesy “dad jokes,” introduce our child to comic books, and tell them bedtime stories. We are both avid readers and our home is full of books, including a growing collection of children’s books to share with a little one.

We became close friends 14 years ago, when we met on our first day of college. Shortly after graduation we started dating, then got married in 2013. We work hard to build a life together full of warmth, genuine connection, and laughter. We love whimsy and imagination; Tyson even proposed by telling Valerie a fairytale. One of our favorite vacation spots is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and we appreciate art of all kinds: shows, plays, concerts, ballet, movies, museums, you name it!

Tyson is a gifted storyteller with a contagious passion for movies, indie comics, and podcasts. He always has a listening ear and is deeply empathetic to people navigating life’s difficulties. He gets to use these skills in his job as a mental health counselor, where he specializes in working with kids. He has a very flexible schedule, which will allow him to be a full-time dad when we have children. Valerie’s job as a business strategist lets her do what she does best: solve problems with both logic and creativity. In her free time, she is often found chatting with friends, exploring local events, and planning our family outings. She also likes to write, crochet, and play the French Horn. We both enjoy nature and staying active. Valerie runs, Tyson does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and our weekly date is a short hike together.

We live in a suburb north of Seattle with our pets, Sage the dog and Cinnamon the cat. We’ve made our condo a cozy, welcoming space where we invite friends to enjoy meals and laughter, play games, and develop deep, honest relationships through long conversations. Our amazing support system is there through all life’s ups and downs. We also have a church community that inspires and strengthens our passion for social justice. We think deeply and openly about our inclusive Christian faith.

Growing up, we both had expansive families. Tyson was the babysitter for his six siblings, and his family often hosted people who needed a place to stay. Valerie had two homes – her mom’s and her dad’s – and was surrounded by family, step-family, and non-relative “grandparents” and “aunts” who all held special places in her life. Because of this, we know that family is what you make it. We believe that love is not limited: the more you give, the more there is. That’s one reason we are interested in an open adoption relationship with our child’s birth family.

Friends say that we’re both natural nurturers. We love the kiddos in our life, including Valerie’s half-sister, our godchildren, nieces and nephews, and nearby friends’ children. We knew we wanted to be parents since we started dating, but growing our family was harder than expected. We pursued some medical treatments but came to feel strongly that open adoption is our path to parenthood. We hope to build unique relationships with our child’s birth relatives and are committed to supporting our child’s full identity. We want our family to be a warm and loving place where both our child and their birth family can know that they belong.

With love and peace,
Valerie & Tyson

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