Tyler and Loren


Hello there!

We’re Tyler and Loren (and dogs Lula and Madi). Thank you for reading our letter and learning a bit about us.

On a Saturday morning, you might find us walking to the lake for a swim, curled up reading books while it rains, backpacking in the Cascades, riding bicycles with Loren’s Dad, or making waffles for friends and neighbors. We love our neighborhood in the middle of Seattle. We are so grateful that we can walk to our offices, the beach, libraries, playgrounds, movie theaters, schools, and restaurants. We’re friends with many of our neighbors, and we care about creating deep roots and community here.

Tyler grew up in a close-knit family in Idaho that values music, education, and public service. We have close relationships with her brother, parents, and grandparents—all of whom cannot wait to help us raise a child. Her career has been devoted to protecting girls and women’s health and rights, locally and globally. She believes that women should have the care and information they need to be able to live strong, healthy lives and fulfill their dreams. An important aspect of this is for women to have options when they are pregnant. One big reason she’s drawn to OA&FS is because they provide counseling on parenting, abortion, and adoption. Tyler also trains in and teaches kung fu. She’d happily eat pizza every day, but tries to eat more vegetables instead.

Loren grew up in Colorado very close to her parents and a wonderfully chaotic extended family that includes many aunts, uncles, and cousins—several of whom joined her family through adoption. One reason she is drawn to open adoption is because she knows that big, complex families full of unconditional love are incredible. She grew up hiking and camping and has a strong connection to the mountains. That love for the natural world led her to a career in environmental justice. She also writes novels, gardens, and keeps bees on the side.

We met 13 years ago and are still both in awe that we got so lucky in love. We’ve had lots of time to learn about each other, to forge careers we enjoy, and to have grand adventures. We make each other laugh every day. We’ve also been there for each other in difficult times, like when Loren’s mom died a few years ago. We have always been very intentional about the decisions we make together and the way we live our lives.

We have rich, full lives, and after a lot of reflection, we decided that we want to share our love by expanding our family. We imagine taking our child backpacking, reading Harry Potter for the first time, and going on road-trips. We envision them as teenagers—bright, independent, and challenging—and as adults whose company we enjoy. We hope for a strong extended community (that includes our child’s birth family) so that our little one has lots of love and support throughout their life. We know that we can provide a happy home and be steady and loving parents. We hope that you’d like to be a part of our family and build a life-long relationship with our child. These are the hopes and dreams that have led us to seek an open adoption.

Thank you for considering us. Wishing you the very best.

Tyler & Loren

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