Tyler & Erin


Hi, we’re Tyler, Erin and Mason. Thanks for taking the time to get to know a bit about us!

We met online in 2007, and Tyler quickly wooed Erin with delicious, home cooked meals. We lived in Oregon at the time and spent our weekends fishing, crabbing, cooking and watching football. In 2009 we got married, and a couple years later moved to San Diego for Tyler’s job. We made some great friends down there, but we were happy to be able to move back to the Northwest in 2013. It was an amazing time in our lives when we both got jobs back in Oregon, bought a house and found that we were pregnant with Mason, practically all at once! When we were ready to expand our family and experienced fertility issues, we turned to open adoption because the idea of an open relationship with birthparents felt like a natural fit.

These days our mornings start with scrambled eggs and music from Raffi before we head out for the day. Tyler is an environmental engineering professor. He loves his job where he gets to research new and better ways to clean contaminated water, while also training the next generation of environmental problem solvers. Erin works at a sustainable agriculture non-profit. Although she doesn’t work directly with farmers, she’s proud to be supporting a sustainable food system. While we’re at work, Mason is at daycare, playing with friends and getting ready for kindergarten next year. At the end of the day everybody meets up at the dinner table for some good food and to share what happened in our day.

On weekends we try to get out and about, whether it’s walks to the neighborhood wetland to see what the beaver is up to, soccer practice so Mason can get some energy out, or visits to one of our favorite places, the library! Sundays we head to church – either ‘Dad’s Church’ (Catholic) or ‘Mom’s Church’ (Lutheran) – where we engage in community with our neighbors. We appreciate the values and fellowship that both faiths provide and believe that Mason’s personal experience with faith will be enriched through this diversity. We both grew up in close knit families and want our kids to have that same experience, so we devote time to maintain those important relationships. Erin’s family lives in the area and we get together often. Tyler’s family isn’t geographically close, but we often FaceTime with his parents in Minnesota. Even though they only get to see Mason in person a few visits a year, these weekly FaceTime chats have kept them as an integral part of Mason’s life as they share stories, play games and enjoy each other’s company.

While we love our family time, we support each other by ensuring that we each have time to pursue our hobbies and maintain an identity outside of parenthood. Tyler enjoys brewing beer and watching Minnesota Viking football. He’s been having fun introducing Mason to fishing this year! Erin spends her free time practicing the banjo and making art from garbage. Cooking is a hobby that we share, and at our house someone is always in the kitchen. We eat all kinds of food – Indian, vegetarian, homemade pizza, you name it. We enjoy getting vegetables from our local farmers each week, which keeps us connected to our food and the hard work that is needed to grow it. And Mason enjoys sneaking tastes of all the raw veggies!

As parents we enjoy introducing our son to new experiences and we can’t wait to do the same for our next child! We hope that we’re able to teach our kids to have respect and compassion for others, to be constantly curious, and to care for the environment. We have lots of love to share and are looking forward to expanding our family through open adoption and welcoming another unique little person and their birth family into our lives. There is plenty of room at our table for new faces!

Thanks for reading our letter!
Erin, Tyler + Mason

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